Riot testing out massive League of Legends Teleport nerfs

Riot Games

Riot Games are testing huge nerfs to summoner spell Teleport ahead of the start of League of Legends Season 12.

While the final League of Legends patch before Season 12 kicks off has gone live, Riot might not be done tinkering with the game just yet.

The developers are trying out some huge changes that would significantly nerf the strength of Teleport in the early parts of each game.

league of legends lol firelight ekko skin based on arcaneRiot Games
Riot is teasing some significant nerfs to Teleport.

League tests big Teleport nerfs

Teleport has become a staple for solo-laners on Summoner’s Rift. The spell has become a near requirement for all top and mid-lane players to use in order to make plays across the map and to keep up with farming against their opponent.

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Players noticed the changes to Teleport were being tested on League’s Public Beta Environment, where Riot tests out changes before they hit the live servers.

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The altered Teleport now reads, “After channeling for four seconds, teleport your champion to target allied structure. Upgrades to Unleashed Teleport at 14 minutes.”

The basic Teleport no longer allows players to teleport to minions, wards, traps, or Zac blobs. Players would be restricted only to teleporting to friendly towers until the 14-minute mark, when the spell would upgrade to what is the basic version of Teleport now.

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teleport Riot Games
Teleport could be getting some big changes in League.

Restricting Teleport to friendly towers would remove the huge factor it has in the early game, as top and mid laners often use it to enter skirmishes.

While it’s yet to be seen if the change will make it into Season 12, it would certainly be a massive alteration that players would have to get used to.