League of Legends devs facing backlash over premium stat tracking Eternals

Alan Bernal

League of Legends players are going to get a brand new way to show off their champion accomplishments with the upcoming Eternals landing on their 9.17 patch, and a ton of people are not on board.

Riot Games announced a new way for players to show off personal achievements with their favorite champs on August 13. While League of Legends players love everything to do with tracking how their skills have been progressing in the MOBA, putting a price on the feature isn’t sitting well with the community so far.

Eternals will be coming in the 9.17 patch after spending a stint on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Based on player surveys, Riot is implementing the highly requested champion-based achievement feature, but are tacking on a price to support “with so many champions to build and maintain Eternals for.”

Riot GamesEternals will be giving players a new way to show off their champion achievements.

It seems that after reading the FAQ and dev post for the new Eternals, people left with more questions than answers.

According to the top comment on the Eternals Reddit thread, at the time of writing: “I feel like this post is missing the ‘What are eternals’ paragraph. There’s a lot of why how and when but no what.”

Some players are scratching their heads why the developer would put a Riot Points (RP) price tag to unlock achievements.

Riot Games via KenAdamsNSA TwitterEternals progression will be features behind player cards in the loading screen.

“I was excited when I started reading because I figured Eternals were basically just missions that ramped up to a special skin or something like that but who is going to pay for…achievements?,” Reddit user ‘bbjimin’ said. “Think back to when you played Xbox an achievement popped, would you REALLY pay for that?”

Even though a preliminary look at the feature seems really awesome, especially since players can show off progression on their Eternals while on the Rift, early impressions aren’t in Riot’s favor.

“It’s literally a minor flair above your mastery emote that’s easy to miss.” ‘ParachuteIsAKnapsack’ said. “If masteries were released in Season 9 you betcha they were gonna be for RP.”

Many League of Legends player even made the connection to EA’s “pride and accomplishment” gaffe since Eternals are supposed to show off players’ skill-based achievements but they can only be acquired by getting around a price tag first.

“They’re literally selling us sense of pride and accomplishment,” ‘Spikeroog’ said.

Concerns around League of Legends’ upcoming Eternals feature are being voiced, and if Riot were planning a change to the future champion-based achievements then they have plenty of feedback to work off of.

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