League of Legends cosplayer turns tides as Splendid Staff Nami

. 4 months ago
Riot Games / Instagram: @misskuruta

Italian cosplayer MissKuruta stunned fans with a stunning transformation into Splendid Staff Nami from League of Legends, commemorating the young vastaya’s most human-like skin.

Nami is a highly-rated support champion that’s been in the meta for a while now. She is a young sea-dwelling vastaya and the first member of her tribe to venture onto dry land to secure the safety of her people.

Using her mystical staff, The Tidecaller, Nami can control the sea to turn the tides of battle by healing and baffling allies or stunning, slowing, and damaging enemies. She can do it in style too thanks to the Splendid Staff Nami skin.

Riot Games
The Splendid Staff Nami skin makes the champion look more human than usual.

MissKuruta is an extremely talented League of Legends cosplayer. Her life-like take on Spirit Blossom Kindred is a testament to that. Now she’s done it again as Splendid Staff Nami, and it looks absolutely flawless.

“This is one of my comfort cosplays,” she said. “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the wig, or maybe the pink, or maybe that I’ve always liked Nami as a champion. She’s really calm, and I feel relaxed when I play her!”

It’s perfect from head to toe, with cascading shades of pink and purple running down from the crown and staff to the bottom of the dress. The Splendid Staff itself looks fantastic as well. Everything is on point.

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Nami cosplays don’t pop up as often as other champions like Jinx and Vi, which have surged in popularity since Arcane released. However, they’re always a treat when they do, especially Splendid Staff Nami.

Either way, MissKuruta hinted this year will be “quite full” in terms of there being more League of Legends cosplays from her. We can’t wait to see what other champions and unique skins she brings to life.

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