League of Legends Arcane cosplayer pummels Zaun’s enemies as fearsome Vi

Lauren Bergin
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League of Legends’ now-iconic Netflix show, Arcane, delved even deeper into the lore behind Vi, LoL’s fan-favorite jungler, in turn inspiring one cosplayer to create an awesome outfit.

While cosplayers have always flocked to the League of Legends universe due to its diverse range of unique champions, Riot Games’ LoL-inspired Netflix show, Arcane, has sent the MOBA’s popularity through the roof.

We’ve seen spectacular recreations of every character from the show; from the loose cannon Jinx, to the tortured yet relatable Viktor, but what we haven’t seen is a Vi outfit quite like this one.

Created by London-based cosplayer Jasikyu (Jasi,) this spectacular recreation of Zaun’s finest pugilist will have your jaw on the floor (hopefully not because she broke it, though.)

league of legends lol arcane vi fighting in a bar
We wouldn’t want to fight Vi, but then again, who would?

Arcane Vi cosplay KOs the competition

Out of Arcane’s lovable cast of misfits and anti-heroes, why did Jasi specifically go for Zaun’s resident heroine? “League is my most played game, and I’m very passionate about the characters,” she told Dexerto, choosing to recreate Vi as she “was one of the main protagonists of Arcane.”

Despite her love for the character, she admits that this cosplay was a little harder to pull off than other costumes she’s created. “It was a little more difficult as I don’t usually cosplay short-haired characters. Plus, the character is a tough nut and it was very hard for me to capture her personality.”

However, we reckon she managed to epitomize the jungle champion to perfection – even if it was a step out of her comfort zone. Choppy pink hair ripples down one suede shoulder, with her navy undershirt and snow-white corset recreated immaculately.

Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without that shaved left eyebrow and the tattoos, especially the iconic little ‘VI’ stamped on her upper left cheekbone. Perfectly styled and ready for battle, we really wouldn’t want to mess with Jasi’s Vi.


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Of course, it goes without saying that Arcane has inspired her to create more characters, specifically Jinx and Caitlyn, both of whom she’s played since Season 4.

“I really loved Arcane,” she confesses, noting that “the little easter eggs and [the] soundtrack were so amazing.” Enthusing that “I really hope to see more characters from League come to life in future seasons!” it’ll be interesting to see which character she chooses to transport into reality.

As we cross our fingers and chug some shimmer, be sure to keep an eye on her Twitch to see who she disguises herself as next.