League of Legends cosplayer zooms into bot lane as electrifying Zeri - Dexerto

League of Legends cosplayer zooms into bot lane as electrifying Zeri

Published: 17/Jan/2022 12:31

by Lauren Bergin


The latest addition to the League of Legends roster, Zeri, fuses electricity and speed to take down the enemy bot lane, and this cosplayer is channeling that power in a stunning recreation of LoL’s newest champion.

League of Legends Season 12 is starting off with a bang. With new ADC champ, Zeri, making her bot lane debut in patch 12.2, Riot is hoping to bring an FPS-style heroine to Summoner’s Rift.

Bearing a striking resemblance to Neon, the sassy speedstress who just made her debut in Riot’s flagship shooter Valorant, players have been desperate to get their hands on the Zaunese equivalent.


Thoroughly aboard the hype train is Dutch cosplayer wanderlustluca (Luca), whose stunning rendition of the mischievous marksman could easily be mistaken for a 3D render.

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Riot Games
Zeri hails from Zaun, the polluted undercity that provides the backdrop for League’s Netflix show, Arcane.

League of Legends Zeri cosplay electrifies enemies

Telling Dexerto that “I choose Zeri because she had just come out that day and a friend and I were speaking about her design,” Luca notes that “I remembered I actually have a wig in the same color and how I could do her that same night. So I did.”

Stating that it was  “meant to be a quick little cosplay,” her editor itdphoto “turned it into something amazing!”

The entire outfit for the photo below was made digitally, with the most difficult part of the process being the posing itself. “It’s definitely not easy to stay in such a difficult pose while my hair stayed in the right position and I got my facial expression right. I had to keep taking short breaks because my legs would start to hurt a lot.”


But boy was it worth it. You’d be forgiven for mistaking that Luca is, in fact, the Spark of Zaun in this image. Perfectly recreating Riot’s splash art for the champion, electricity swirls around her and destroys oncoming enemies. Neon green hair tied back into adorable space buns whistles in the wind, and her entire outfit is recreated to perfection.


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In a more casual image, you catch a glimpse of Luca in the Zeri outfit she made from “actual clothes I wore that I had laying around in my house.”

Despite these simply being household items, from the tip of her sparking fingers to the white cross on her face everything is masterfully recreated.



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Having racked up over 20k likes on both images, Luca’s League of Legends cosplay journey isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

“You’ll see a lot more League of Legends cosplays,” she told Dexerto. “I love cosplaying League characters the most, it’s probably cause I’ve played since 2014. League cosplays are something I’ll always continue to do!”

And that is music to our ears. We can’t wait to see who Luca transforms into next – whether it’s Withered Rose Zeri, or an upcoming champion we haven’t seen yet, we know she’ll absolutely kill it!