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League of Legends

League of Legends cosplayer leaves fans enchanted as River Spirit Nami

Published: 3/Jun/2020 13:45

by Daniel Cleary


Popular cosplayer Inaste has revealed yet another one of her impressive League of Legends outfits, leaving fans wowed with her latest take on Nami’s River Spirit skin.

Nami is known for her unique and enchanting playstyle and has been one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends since her release in 2012.

With over 148 champions in League of Legends, the Vastayan Mermaid does not often stand out to creative fans looking to recreate their favorite characters, with fan-favorite champions such as Lux, Jinx, and Ahri usually coming out ahead.

Riot Games
Nami is one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends.

Inaste reminded everyone just how impressive Nami can be in one of her latest cosplays, however, creating a full bodysuit and even replicating her iconic staff to complete the look.

The German cosplayer went all out for her rendition of Nami, taking on the challenge of recreating the Tidecaller’s River Spirit Skin.

After sharing updates on the progress of her new cosplay, Inaste finally unveiled the look in a photoshoot, showing off impeccable attention to detail and her accuracy as the extravagant champion.

Her vibrant cosplay managed to perfectly capture the with all of the different colors that Nami boasts in-game, bringing her to life with incredibly accurate patterns and scales on the mermaid’s tail.

One feature that fans were particularly impressed with was the alternative look for Nami’s Tidecaller Staff, which looked like it had been ripped straight out of Riot’s title and into her hands.

Inaste seems to be a massive League of Legends fan as she has replicated many champions in the past such as her stunning take on Zyra’s Dragon Sorceress skin recently.

The cosplayer has also made costumes for Elderwood LeBlanc and for characters from other MOBA’s like Arum, Qi, and Yena from Arena of Valor on her Instagram page.


Demon Slayer cosplayer charms fans as devious Doma

Published: 28/Jan/2021 7:59

by Andrew Amos


Doma might be a manga-only character in Demon Slayer for now, but there’s plenty of anticipation about his arrival in the anime soon. In the hype, cosplayers have been flocking to take on the Twelve Kizuki member, and ‘andrew_s_cosplay’ has put on a show with it.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Demon Slayer anime. Doma has only been revealed in the manga at the time of publication.

If there were no villains to fight, Demon Slayer would be a pretty straight-forward anime affair. However, there’s plenty of action going on, thanks to the antics of the Twelve Kizuki.

Doma is one such member of the deadly group of demons. The Upper Rank Two within the Twelve Kizuki, he ranks as the third-highest within the corps’ mortal enemy. With that ranking comes some powers ⁠— and charm to win people over onto his side.

While he has a dedicated cult following within the anime, as the hype builds for Season 2, he’s also generating one outside too. Doma’s charming looks, and deceptively powerful abilities, make him one of the most feared antagonists in the series.

There’s a lot going on with his character ⁠— calm but mischievous on the outside, deadly on the inside ⁠— that’s particularly hard to get across in cosplay. It’s more than just a costume, but that’s exactly what ‘andrew_s_cosplay’ has put on with his Doma outfit.

“I really love this man, he is my favourite villain of [Demon Slayer],” the cosplayer said on Instagram.

You can see the love and attention that’s gone into the costume’s design too. From the golden fan ⁠— Doma’s hallmark weapon ⁠— to the perfectly manicured hair, and the crimson-red and black outfit, andrew_s has spared no detail.

He’s even got a splattering of ‘blood’ around his mouth, an indication of one of the many victims the twisted Twelve Kizuki member has devoured.

If there is a cosplay to get you in the mood to catch up on the manga, or just hang out for Demon Slayer Season 2, this is it. After all, everyone is going to be acquainted with Doma soon, and the action is only just really heating up.