League of Legends Champion & Skin sales of the week: August 17

Andrew Amos
Blood Moon Katarina and Pizza Delivery Sivir in League of Legends

Looking to pick up a new skin for your name, but want it a bit cheaper? Maybe you want to buy that one champion you’ve had your eyes on for the while. You might be in luck ⁠— here’s all the sales in the League of Legends in-game shop.

Every week, new champions and skins go on sale in the League of Legends in-game shop. If you have a bit of cash to splash, this is your best opportunity to pick up those cosmetics you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

Typically, the skins and champions that go on sale relate to an in-game event, or just haven’t popped up in the store for a while. Discounts will vary from around 20% all the way up to 70%, so you can find some great deals.

15 skins and five champions go on sale, rotating every Monday. Be sure to check back weekly for the next deal, in case the skin or champion you want finally goes on sale.

League of Legends Champions on sale

  • Elise — 440 RP (50% off)
  • Jarvan IV — 440 RP (50% off)
  • Kalista — 390 RP (60% off)
  • Nidalee — 316 RP (60% off)
  • Sion — 292 RP (50% off)
Kalista in League of Legends
Kalista is 60% off this week, along with Nidalee.

League of Legends Skins on sale

  • Academy Darius — 487 RP (35% off)
  • Barbeque Leona — 375 RP (50% off)
  • Beast Hunter Sejuani — 450 RP (40% off)
  • Blood Moon Katarina — 975 RP (27% off)
  • Crime City Graves — 438 RP (55% off)
  • Elderwood Bard — 438 RP (55% off)
  • Freljord Rammus — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Gladiator Draven — 487 RP (50% off)
  • God Staff Jax — 877 RP (35% off)
  • Knockout Lee Sin — 540 RP (60% off)
  • Marquis Vladimir — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Night Hunter Rengar — 390 RP (60% off)
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir — 675 RP (50% off)
  • Resistance Caitlyn — 208 RP (60% off)
  • Scorched Earth Renekton — 390 RP (60% off)
Knockout Lee Sin in League of Legends
Caught Lee Sin on sale last week? You can get his Knockout skin at a discount this week.

When does Your Shop in League of Legends return?

Your Shop in League is the best time to pick up the skins you’ve been holding on for. They’ll come at you at ludicrous prices ⁠— ranging from 20% to 80% off ⁠— and will be tailored to champions you’ve played most recently.

Your Shop in League of Legends will feature skins for your most played champions.

Your Shop has shut up shop for the time being. It ran up until August 17 as part of the Spirit Blossom event, so it’ll be some time until it returns.

It’s been recently popping up about once every three months or so, so expect the Your Shop in around November. You’ll want to get in quick to get skins for your favorite champions for cheap.