League of Legends fan shares striking Battle Academia Katarina cosplay

Riot Games / Ehri Instagram

The League of Legends devs introduced an exciting alternate universe when they released their Battle Academia skin line on May 15, giving Katarina cosplayers an entirely new take for one of the game’s more sinister champions.

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The devs launched their Battle Academia designs that are in the same vision as the Mid-Season Trials event, in which players “get sorted or pledge [their] loyalty directly to one of four competitive houses” consisting of the Council, the United, the Faceless, or the Warband.

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The event gave popular champions new skins that dressed them in school uniforms or faculty apparel, giving League of Legends ‘My Hero Academia crossed with Harry Potter’ vibes as emerging heroes battle to represent their respective faction in Durandal Academy.

Ehri InstagramEhri’s Katarina cosplay is coming together really well.

Taking up the mantle of the second-year assassin, cosplayer ‘Ehri’ suited up as Katarina in her Battle Academia skin that’s proving to be extremely popular among players.

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Ehri’s design for Katarina is the perfect blend between subtle and striking, as seen with her mix of simple makeup scar on her left eye coupled with deep green contacts that show the Sinister Blade’s more welcoming side.

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With that said, Ehri has a matching buttoned-up shirt with an adorable little pink tie mirroring the skin’s design which would seem to be a standard Durandal Academy uniform with minor tweaks reflecting Katarina’s edgy demeanor.

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Ehri InstagramEhri’s Katarina cosplay is already shaping up to be one of the better renditions we’ve seen for the Battle Academia representative.
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League of Legends full list of Battle Academia skins

Even as Ehri’s design for Katarina was perfectly executed, League of Legends saw a slew of new skins to represent each class as well as some of the staff at Durandal Academy.

Popular skin targets Lux and Ezreal are also students at the prestigious hero school while representing the United and Faceless houses, respectively.

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Then there’s class-ace Jayce who is a bright talent in at Durandal who is the perfect champion to rep the Council.

Riot GamesThe new line of skins gives players a new universe of student champions to explore.
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There’s also top-notch teachers and coaches at the academy with Battle Professor Graves and Battle Principal Yuumi instructing the next generation of students.

These skins will no doubt be the aim for many cosplayers to recreate, and Ehri might have already set the bar with her Katarina design.

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