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League of Legends Mordekaiser rework – abilities and visual updates

Published: 28/May/2019 8:03 Updated: 28/May/2019 8:22

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed the complete rework for League of Legends champion Mordekaiser.

With League of Legends now approaching 150 total champions, naturally some find themselves no longer fitting in the modern game, either because of the evolution of champion design style or simply because they no longer have much of a niche.

Having been released in February 2010, Mordekaiser is one of the older champions in the game, and Riot have decided the time is right to give him both a visual and gameplay overhaul.

In updating Mordekaiser, Riot wanted to make the champion’s kit more appropriate for his aesthetic. The mace-wielding, heavily-armored lord of death previously had a kit that largely relied on spells, which didn’t entirely line up with what the appearance of the character would suggest.

The new Mordekaiser instead leans into physical duels, with focus on remaining and surviving in close-quarters combat.

Riot GamesA look at the new design for Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser’s most iconic original ability was his ultimate, which, if the target died while it was active, would raise the ghost of an enemy to fight alongside him.

While Riot attempted to keep the ghosts as part of his kit, eventually this ability was replaced with Realm of Death, which brings a single enemy player into the Death Realm for a seven-second one-versus-one, during which time both players are separated from their respective teams.

Mordekaiser’s new abilities:

Passive – Darkness Rise

  • Mordekaiser’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. After three spells or attacks against a champion, Darkness Rise deals damage to nearby enemies and gives movement speed until Mordekaiser is out of combat.

Q – Obliterate

  • Mordekaiser slams down his mace, dealing damage in an area or bonus damage to a single enemy.

 W – Indestructible

  • The evil overlord absorbs 25% of damage taken and damage dealt. Casting once generates a shield with this value. Mordekaiser can cast again to consume 50% of the shield for health

E – Death’s Grasp

  • Passive: Mordekaiser gains 25% Magic Penetration.
  • Active: A deadly claw drags enemies towards him, dealing damage.

R – Realm of Death

  • Mordekaiser banishes a single enemy champion to the Death Realm for a 7 second 1v1, stealing a percent of their core stats. If he kills his target, he consumes their soul, keeping their partial stats until they respawn.

Riot have yet to announce when the new Mordekaiser rework will actually go live, but with details having been finalized it seems players should be able to try it out fairly soon.

League of Legends

T1 & LS respond to League of Legends coach controversy

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:02 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 14:05

by Lauren Bergin


Both Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare and T1 have responded to the mass backlash against the iconic Korean organization seemingly ignoring LoL fan toxicity.

When Korean League of Legends behemoths T1 by mistake leaked that Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare would be the organization’s new coach, T1 fans went wild.

In a story that has gone viral, die-hard T1 fans have been seen giving LS racial and homophobic abuse online, as well as doxxing his grandmother and sending mysterious packages to her address. For many, T1’s lack of substantial response up until this point has been considered as them condoning the abuse, and the controversy has caused many a fan to stray away from the T1 fold.

So while it’s taken some time, both parties have finally spoken out on the situation in an attempt to clarify what has been happening behind the scenes.

One of the most famous pictures from this event is of a T1 fan’s van being parked outside T1’s HQ demanding LS’ removal.

T1 apologizes

A lengthy apology was released via Twitlonger from CEO Joe Marsh regarding the LS situation on November 24. The document is largely an apology towards the T1 fanbase for not speaking out quicker, and in turn, allowing the fans to be slandered and attacked by the press.

Marsh claims that T1 fans and South Koreans, in general, have been made victims of “unfair generalizations about their cultures, moral, and character” due to being “accused of harassing LS.” Additionally, the apology covers the unacceptable abuse towards LS that had been left on the organization’s discord, apologizing to the fans for any upset these may have caused.

T1 player Lee ‘Effort’ Sang-ho also receives T1’s condolences, as T1 did not come to his defense after the LS news was leaked accidentally on his stream.

However, most League of Legends fans were concerned with LS, who only gets mentioned at the end of the Twitlonger in a paragraph that reads as more interested in appeasing the fans than addressing any abuse and doxxing. While Marsh confirms that a “police report” has been filed regarding the package sent to LS’ mother, there seems to be very little apology directed only to LS.

LS’ video response

In a 14-minute long YouTube video, LS addresses the T1 situation and his future with the organization. While he had initially been chosen to join the T1 content creation team, questions were asked whether or not he would like to move up to the role as a coach.

While expressing that it would be a dream come true, LS clarifies that he was happier with the content role.

He expresses his apologies for any previous support of bbq Olivers’ Sebastian ‘Malice’ Edholm’s racist remarks, noting that he had not seen the messages containing the offensive comments before he endorsed the player. As a man living in South Korea who calls it home, it’s clear LS would never knowingly have participated in defending racism despite T1 fans claiming otherwise.

As for the future, LS has chosen to remain in Korea. He states that “for all the years that teams wanted me to leave Korea and go coach elsewhere or join a different org, or join different teams; one thing’s always remained true and that’s that I love Korea and I don’t want to leave here. T1 is going to enable me to be able to do everything I’ve always wanted to do and more.”

So while this may not be the dramatic response that many fans were hoping for, LS seems prepared for a bright future regardless.