OpTic’s Meteos explains why Yuumi’s the worst LoL champion

Riot Games

OpTic Gaming jungler William ‘Meteos’ Hartman explained why he thinks new League of Legends champion Yuumi is the worst in the game.  

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Yuumi the Magical Cat is the latest new champion in League of Legends, designed as a support with a unique mechanic that allows her to become “Attached” to a friendly champion. While Attached, Yuumi is immune to direct attacks except from towers, and her abilities fire from the location of the champion she’s Attached to.

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Yuumi debuted to a record low win-rate, prompting some emergency buffs from Riot Games, but having been released during the off-season between the spring and summer splits of the various leagues, Yuumi has yet to be seen in professional play.

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Riot GamesYuumi is the latest champion to join League of Legends.

In a recent interview with Travis Gafford, Meteos gave his thoughts on the current meta-game, revealing that Yuumi is his new least favorite champion.

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“Yuumi is actually just the embodiment of what I don’t like about the game. I used to think Ivern was just the worst they could possibly make, and Riot’s just like ‘nah, we can do better than that.’”

Meteos explained that Yuumi removes layers of complexity from the game by simplifying elements like positioning. In comparison to Zoe, another champion that faces plenty of criticism for her kit, Meteos argued that Yuumi was even more frustrating as she requires less skill to play effectively and there are fewer options for counter-play.

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While it’s not entirely clear yet whether Yuumi will actually appear in pro play, with Meteos highlighting that she seems to be either very powerful or relatively useless as players are still figuring out how to play with and against her, he certainly hopes that she will fall down on the “useless” side and therefore be absent from the LCS.

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[Yuumi discussion begins at 6:36 for mobile viewers]

During the interview Meteos also touched on the state of the current OpTic Gaming LCS line-up, revealing that while it wasn’t entirely finalized, he expects that he’ll be starting in the Jungle, but the squad hasn’t yet decided between Terry ‘Big’ Chuong and Austin ‘Gate’ Yu as the starting LCS Support.

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The future of the OpTic League of Legends team, like the rest of OpTic Gaming, is currently up in the air, as a battle for control of the organization takes place behind the scenes. Reports suggest the favorite to win that battle is Immortals Gaming Club, and it’s believed that if they do, they’ll rebrand the LCS team under the Immortals name.

What impact such a takeover could have on the players remains unclear, but with Immortals having been among the top contenders during their previous time in the LCS it wouldn’t be too surprising to see sweeping changes in an effort to build a championship-contending roster.

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