League devs praises “awesome” viral ‘Brenvar’ champion design

Andrew Amos
Brenvar champion concept art in League of Legends

An aspiring Rioter has gone viral with his incredible champion design, Brenvar the Chained Glacier. His Freljord fighter has gotten so much attention, actual League developers have praised the “awesome” design.

There’s thousands of League champion concepts floating out there in the wild. Many players have an idea of what they think belongs in the game. However, very few are executed so well that it captures the attention of not just fellow players, but Riot devs.

However, aspiring Rioter Albert ‘halfyzz’ Bednarski has done just that with Brenvar, the Chained Glacier. His champion design has gotten over 20,000 upvotes on Reddit, and has Rioters talking about the level of detail he went into.

Brenvar champion concept art for League of Legends
Brenvar the Chained Glacier is taking the League community by storm.

Brenvar, the Chained Glacier

Brenvar is a Freljordian fighter, having lost his way from the Winter’s Claw faction after a crushing snowstorm. He managed to survive in the Freljordian desert, however doing so cost him his humanity.

His kit features a unique glacier mechanic. The solid rock of ice is chained of Brenvar, following him wherever he goes. However, it’s also his primary weapon. He can throw out the glacier with his Q, breaking champion-built terrain like Anivia’s wall or Jarvan IV’s ultimate.

While his glacier is thrown out, Brenvar is locked to a certain range. However, he can then get down and dirty with his fists. He can even whip the chain to root enemies who dare to approach the glacier. Finally, his ultimate works like Nunu’s ultimate, summoning a snowstorm around the glacier that does damage.

That’s not where Brenvar’s innovation ends though. His passive makes aura items apply to the glacier instead of Brenvar. Also, it has an inbuilt attack speed cripple like Frozen Heart. His kit fits across multiple roles from top lane to support.

Brenvar champion League of Legends turnaround
Brenvar would fit right into League of Legends. Maybe Riot will look into it for Season 11?

Brenvar’s abilities

  • Passive: Aura effects are applied to Brenvar’s Glacier instead of Brenvar himself. The Glacier cripples nearby enemies. Purchasing Frozen Heart will double this passive effect.
  • Q: Brenvar spins his Glacier, building up the range to throw it. The Glacier will be thrown, breaking champion terrain and knocking up enemies on its path. He will then be forced to fight bare handed until recast. Upon recast, Brenvar will pull the Glacier back to himself, suppressing enemies hit.
  • W: Brenvar exhales cold air and shield himself by a small percentage of his maximum health. Brenvar also deals bonus magic damage while shielded and attacking bare handed.
  • E: With Glacier, Brenvar will leap forward and smash the Glacier in front of him, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies. While bare handed, Brenvar will whip his chain, rooting and damaging enemies in a line.
  • R: Brenvar summons a huge snowstorm around the glacier that damages and slows enemies inside. As he enters the storm, Brenvar gains a shield based on his maximum health.


Bednarski looked to fill a niche in designing Brenvar. He wanted his design to have “engaging and zoning potential around the Glacier similar to Orianna [and her ball] brought to the jungle or support.”

The detailed design, featuring a full art process, animated concept abilities, and more has caught the attention of Rioters. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter was blown away by just how intricate the concept was.

“Holy cow, this is very awesome. I can’t stop watching the little GIF animations you did of the spells. You definitely have a bright future making games,” he said.

Bednarski could have a future with Riot. After all, he’s using the Brenvar champion design to try and get into the Riot Games internship. It’s definitely a champion worthy of being added into Runeterra, and with Season 11 approaching, maybe Riot will try to create something similar in the new year.

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