League 14.2 mircopatch fixes Twisted Fate, Karthus and unflinching bugs

Declan Mclaughlin
Battle Principal Yuumi Skin Splash Art

Riot Games launched League of Legends patch 14.2 and it hit the live servers with a litany of bugs that have even caused one champion to be disabled.

League of Legends patch 14.2 dropped on January 24 and a host of changes followed as Riot Games tried to balance the game at the start of the new season.

The update included nerfs to multiple AP champions, item changes, and a few buffs for underwhelming characters. New skins and League’s newest champion, Smolder, were also added during this patch. However, Smolder will go live at a later date.

The patch launched only a few hours ago as of writing but is already riddled with bugs to the point that Riot has released a micropatch.

Riot releases League patch 14.2 micropatch

League of Legends, like many other live-service games, is not immune to game-breaking bugs when implementing new patches. The previous patch, 14.1, had a B-patch to help balance all the changes that came with the start of the season.

Riot’s Game Designer David Turley announced the micropatch not long after the patch’s arrival and laid out what bugs were updated.

“TF: Red Card didn’t slow the primary target. Karthus: Weirdness with Wall of Pain resists.
Unflinching: Weird interactions with Graves’s Smoke Screen that gave people infinite stats,” he said on social media.

The Graves Smoke Screen bug was pointed out by the League of Legends subreddit as one player showcased a game with Rummus where the champion got infinite defensive stats and one-shotted his enemies.

Riot has also disabled Hwie to presumably deal with champion-specific bugs. According to the Hwie main’s Reddit board, the champion’s skill shots and some abilities seem to not be working as intended.

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