LoL devs promise fix for “insane” TFT notification client bug

Liam Ho
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League of Legends developers have taken to Reddit, promising that there will be a fix for an “insane” bug within the client that constantly sends players’ notifications from the TFT tab.

League of Legends client is well known by the player base for being less than desirable. Mired with bugs and various glitches, it’s a common occurrence to have players complain about the state of the client when trying to get into a match.

Now, a new bug has appeared in the client that has become equally frustrating for players, as it constantly sends them pings to check the TFT tab despite there not being anything new. Many have expressed their annoyance at this, going so far as to call the bug “insane”.

A developer at Riot Games has caught wind of this issue and has fortunately announced that they’d look into it, eventually coming back to promise that a fix would be launched for this irritating bug sometime in an upcoming patch.

Riot Barack Probama responded to the Reddit thread saying that they’d look into the issues with the TFT tab. They returned to say they had filed a bug report for the issue and that it “should be fixed in an upcoming patch.”

It’s not entirely clear what might be the cause of this nasty bug, but it seemingly has to do with the Five year Bash event Teamfight Tactics currently has on. This event has a separate section of the client dedicated to it, including a new missions tab, daily login rewards, and a separate battle pass.

The event started with Patch 14.12 and is running until July 15. After that time, the TFT tab should return to normal, hopefully eliminating this problem once and for all.

But in the meantime, it’s nice to see the devs are paying close attention to player issues.