LIVE: League of Legends 2022 rostermania: all LCS & LEC roster changes

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Another League of Legends domestic season has come to a close, new LCS and LEC champions have been crowned, and now rumblings have taken over behind the scenes; LoL Rostermania begins, and we’ve got all the latest on player moves, swaps, rumors, and more!

The League of Legends free agency period is coming to an end, and the return of the competitive season is looming.

It’s been an eventful offseason for LEC and LCS fans, but with only a few LEC teams left to lock their rosters, we’re finally getting a glimpse of what the 2022 Spring split will look like. We’ve seen some of the biggest names in Western league left teamless, and some take the leap to find success overseas as imports.

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One of the highlights of the offseason was legendary midlaner Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjeg announcing he would return to competitive play as the starting midlaner for Team Liquid. He took over the spot from Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen, who is one of many iconic players who will not be competing at the beginning of 2022.

It’s been a riveting offseason, and it’s not quite over yet. Here’s all the latest LCS and LEC rostermania news, to keep you up to date.

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PowerOfEvil TSM LCS Championship 2021Oshin Tudayan for Riot Games
North American LCS giants TSM made significant shakeups to their roster after underperforming in 2021.

Current LCS/LEC rosters

Below is a look at every current LCS and LEC lineup right now.

League of Legends Championship Series
Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
100 Thieves Ssumday/Tenacity Closer Abbedagge FBI Huhi
Cloud9 Summit Blaber Fudge Berserker Isles
CLG Jenkins Contractz Palafox Luger Poome
Dignitas FakeGod River Blue Neo Biofrost
Evil Geniuses Impact Inspired Jojopyun Danny Vulcan
FlyQuest Kumo Josedeodo Toucouille Johnsun Aphromoo
Golden Guardians Licorice Pridestalker Ablazeolive Lost Olleh
Immortals Revenge Xerxe PowerOfEvil Wildturtle Destiny
Team Liquid Bwipo Santorin Bjergsen Hans sama CoreJJ
TSM Huni Spica Keaiduo Tactical Shenyi
League of Legends European Championship
Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Astralis WhiteKnight Zanzarah Dajor kobbe promisq
Excel Esports Finn Markoon Nukeduck Patrik Denyk
Fnatic Wunder Razork Humanoid Upset Hylissang
G2 Esports Broken Blade Jankos Caps Flakked Targamas
MAD Lions Armut Elyoya Reeker UNF0RGIVEN Kaiser
Misfits Gaming HiRit Shlatan Vetheo Neon Mersa
Rogue Odoamne Malrang Larssen Comp Trymbi
SK Gaming Jenax Gilius Sertuss Jezu Treatz
Team BDS Adam Cinkrof NUCLEARINT xMatty LIMIT
Team Vitality Alphari Selfmade Perkz Carzzy Labrov

Offseason LoL roster changes

December 22

  • Shlatan:  Misfits Premier→ Misfits Gaming
  • Neon:  F/A → Misfits Gaming
  • Mersa:  F/A → Misfits Gaming

December 20

  • Adam: F/A → Team BDS
  • Cinkrof: F/A →  Team BDS
  • xMatty: F/A →  Team BDS
  • LIMIT: F/A →  Team BDS
  • Erdote: Team BDS → F/A

December 16

  • Gilius: F/A → SK Gaming
  • Sertuss: F/A →  SK Gaming
  • Malrang: F/A → Rogue
  • Comp: F/A → Rogue

December 11

  • Blue: F/A → Dignitas

December 10

  • Wunder: F/A → Fnatic
  • Razork: F/A → Fnatic
  • Humanoid: MAD Lions → Fnatic

December 9

  • Keaiduo: ThunderTalk Gaming Young → TSM
  • Shenyi: FPX → TSM

December 8

  • Jensen: Team Liquid → F/A
  • Perkz: Cloud9 → Team Vitality
  • Alphari: Team Liquid → Team Vitality
  • Carzzy: MAD Lions → Team Vitality

December 3

  • Broken Blade: F/A → G2 Esports
  • Flakked: F/A → G2 Esports
  • Targamas: F/A → G2 Esports

December 2

  • Dylan Falco: Schalke 04 (coach) → G2 (coach)
  • LS: T1 (streamer) → Cloud9 (coach)

December 1

  • Mithy: Cloud9 → 100 Thieves (coach)
  • Crownshot: Team Vitality → F/A
  • Romain: F/A → G2 (General Manager)
  • Lustboy: 100 Thieves (coach) → F/A
  • P1noy: G2 (sub) → F/A
  • Comp: Team Vitality (sub) → F/A

November 30

  • Stixxay: Golden Guardians (inactive) → Golden Guardians (coach)
  • Spookz: F/A → Golden Guardians (coach)
  • ChuChuZ: F/A → Golden Guardians (coach)
  • HustlinbeasT: F/A → Golden Guardians (coach)
  • Swip3R: Golden Guardians (player/coach) → Golden Guardians (coach)
  • Raven: Team Vitality (coach) → F/A

November 29

  • Akaadian: F/A (player) → Golden Guardians Academy (coach)
  • Ic0nic: Golden Guardians (inactive) → Golden Guardians Academy
  • Chime: Golden Guardians (inactive) → Golden Guardians Academy

November 26

  • Grabbz: F/A (coach) → Team BDS (coach)
  • Duffman: F/A (coach) → Team BDS (coach)

November 25

  • Wunder: G2 (inactive) → F/A

November 24

  • Adam: Fnatic → F/A
  • Bjergsen: F/A → Team Liquid
  • Zven: Cloud9 (inactive) → Cloud9 Academy
  • Winsome: Cloud9 → Cloud9 Academy

November 23

  • Hans sama: Rogue → Team Liquid
  • UNF0RGIVEN: SK Gaming Prime → MAD Lions
  • RKR: BIG → MAD Lions

November 22

  • Toucouille: F/A → FlyQuest
  • Carzzy: MAD Lions → F/A
  • Bwipo: Fnatic → Team Liquid
  • Inspired: Rogue → Evil Geniuses
  • River: F/A → Dignitas

November 20

  • Zven: Cloud9 → Cloud9 (inactive)
  • Isles: Cloud9 Academy → Cloud9
  • Winsome: Shadow Battlica → Cloud9
  • Berserke: T1 Challengers → Cloud9
  • Summit: F/A → Cloud9
  • Tactical: F/A → TSM
  • Santorin: Team Liquid → Extension to 2023
  • Blue: SK Gaming → F/A

November 19

  • iBo: Team BDS → F/A
  • bluerznor: Team BDS → F/A
  • Guilhoto: Immortals (coach) → Team Liquid (coach)
  • Jenkins: Team Liquid → CLG
  • Contractz: Evil Geniuses → CLG
  • Palafox: F/A → CLG
  • Luger: F/A → CLG
  • Poome: F/A → CLG

November 18

  • Crownshot: Team Vitality → F/A
  • Tactical: Team Liquid → F/A
  • Alphari: Team Liquid → F/A
  • Aphromoo: F/A → FlyQuest
  • Finn: F/A → Excel
  • Dajor: Fnatic Rising → Astralis

November 17

  • Biofrost: F/A → Dignitas
  • Ic0nic: Golden Guardians → Golden Guardians (inactive)
  • Stixxay: Golden Guardians → Golden Guardians (inactive)
  • Chime: Golden Guardians → Golden Guardians (inactive)
  • Wildturtle: F/A → Immortals
  • Lost: TSM → Golden Guardians
  • Palafox: FlyQuest→ F/A
  • Kanani: FlyQuest (coach) → F/A
  • Luger: 100 Thieves Academy → F/A
  • Poome: 100 Thieves Academy → F/A

November 16

  • Vulcan: Cloud9 → Evil Geniuses
  • Razork: Misfits Gaming → F/A
  • Pridestalker: MOUZ → Golden Guardians
  • kobbe: Misfits Gaming → Astralis

November 15

  • Xico: Team BDS → F/A
  • Olleh: F/A → Golden Guardians
  • Yusui: Dignitas → F/A
  • Akaadian: Dignitas → F/A
  • PowerOfEvil: TSM → Immortals
  • Insanity: Immortals → F/A
  • Revenge: Immortals → Extension to 2023
  • Raes: Immortals → F/A
  • Finn: CLG → F/A
  • Broxah: CLG → F/A
  • Damonte: CLG → F/A
  • Wildturtle: CLG → F/A
  • Smoothie: CLG → F/A
  • Tenacity: 100 Thieves Academy → 100 Thieves
  • Jojpyun: EG Academy → Evil Geniuses
  • Rekkles: G2 Esports → Karmine Corp
  • Jiizuke: Evil Geniuses → F/A
  • Aphromoo: Dignitas → F/A

November 14

  • Lilipp: SK Gaming → F/A

November 12

  • Perkz: Cloud9 → F/A
  • Grabbz: G2 (coach) → F/A
  • Duffman: G2 (coach) → F/A

November 10

  • Jesiz: SK Gaming (Coach) → F/A

November 6

  • Thinkcard: F/A (Coach) → CLG (coach)
  • Croissant: F/A (Coach) → CLG (coach)

November 4

  • Mac: MAD Lions (Coach) → Extension to 2023
  • Kaas: MAD Lions (Coach) → Extension to 2022
  • Pad: MAD Lions (Coach) → Extension to 2023
  • Aagie: MAD Lions (Coach) → Extension to 2023

October 29

  • SwordArt: TSM → F/A

October 28

  • Bjergsen: TSM (Coach) → F/A

October 21

  • PowerOfEvil: TSM → Exploring options for 2022

October 20

  • Insanity: Immortals → Exploring options for 2022

October 18

  • Jeskla: Astralis → F/A

October 11

  • Wunder: G2 Esports → G2 Esports (inactive)
  • Rekkles: G2 Esports → G2 Esports (inactive)
  • Mikyx: G2 Esports → G2 Esports (inactive)
  • Grabbz: G2 Esports (Coach) → G2 Esports (inactive)
  • Nelson: G2 Esports (Coach) → G2 Esports (inactive)

October 9

  • Shemek: Team BDS → F/A

September 30

  • Dardoch: Immortals (Coach) → F/A

September 28

  • Hylissang: Fnatic → Extension to 2024

September 22

  • MagiFelix: Astralis → F/A

September 16

  • Kryze: Excel Esports → Exploring options for 2022

September 8

  • Kaiser: MAD Lions → Extension to 2023

September 2

  • Caps: G2 Esports → Extension, to 2023

LCS roster rumors

Red = Denied, Green = Confirmed, Yellow = Pending

Player From To Source
Nisqy Fnatic 100 Thieves Esporin
Jiizuke Evil Geniuses Free Agent Esporin
Vulcan Cloud9 Evil Geniuses Travis Gafford
Tactical Team Liquid TSM Travis Gafford
Perkz Cloud9 Team Vitality Alejandro Gomis
Alphari Team Liquid Team Vitality Alejandro Gomis
Toucouille GameWard FlyQuest LEC Wooloo
Bwipo Fnatic Team Liquid LEC Wooloo
Bjergsen F/A Team Liquid Upcomer
Hans sama Rogue Team Liquid Travis Gafford
Jensen Team Liquid Evil Geniuses Travis Gafford
aphromoo Dignitas FlyQuest Travis Gafford
Contractz Evil Geniuses CLG Travis Gafford
Palafox FlyQuest CLG Travis Gafford
Luger 100 Thieves Academy CLG Travis Gafford
Poome 100 Thieves Academy CLG Travis Gafford
Nisqy Fnatic Cloud9 Alejandro Gomis
Inspired Rogue Evil Geniuses Jacob Wolf
Isles Cloud9 Academy Cloud9 Isaac McIntyre
Eyla Team Liquid Academy Team Liquid Isaac McIntyre
Pridestalkr MOUZ Golden Guardians Travis Gafford
Lost TSM Golden Guardians Travis Gafford
Prismal Golden Guardians Academy Golden Guardians Travis Gafford
Olleh Free Agent Golden Guardians Travis Gafford
Blue SK Gaming Dignitas Travis Gafford
Zeyzal Free Agent Dignitas Travis Gafford
Jojopyun Evil Geniuses Academy Evil Geniuses Travis Gafford
Isles Cloud9 Academy Cloud9 Travis Gafford
Finn CLG Excel LEC Wooloo
Lost TSM Golden Guardians Isaac McIntyre
Summit Free Agent Cloud9 Travis Gafford
Fudge Cloud9 (top lane) Cloud9 (mid lane) Travis Gafford
Jenkins Team Liquid Academy CLG Travis Gafford
River PSG Talon Dignitas Travis Gafford
Biofrost Free Agent Dignitas Travis Gafford
IgNar Evil Geniuses TSM Travis Gafford
Life Gen.G TSM Travis Gafford
Mikyx G2 Esports TSM Pablo Suarez
Berserker Free Agent Cloud9 Dot Esports
Winsome Shadow Battlica Cloud9 Dot Esports
FATE SANDBOX Gaming TSM Travis Gafford

LEC roster rumors

Red = Denied, Green = Confirmed, Yellow = Pending

Player From To Source
Rekkles G2 Esports Free Agent Thorin
Nuclearint FC Schalke 04 Team BDS Esportmaniacos
Bwipo Fnatic Team Liquid LEC Wooloo
Sertuss Misfits Premier SK Gaming LEC Wooloo
BrokenBlade Schalke 04 G2 Esports Jaxon
Razork Misfits Fnatic LEC Wooloo
Blue SK Gaming F/A LEC Wooloo
Grabbz G2 Esports (Coach) Team BDS (Coach) Esportsmaniacos
Targamas Karmine Corp G2 Esports Pablo Suárez
Limit FC Schalke 04 Team TBS LEC Wooloo
Neon FC Schalke 04 Misfits Gaming Alejandro Gomis
Carzzy MAD Lions Team Vitality LEC Wooloo
Shlatan Misfits Premier Misfits Gaming LEC Wooloo
Flakked MAD Lions Madrid G2 Esports Pablo Suárez
Kobbe Misfits Gaming Astralis Jaxon Media
xMatty Karmine Corp Team BDS Pablo Suárez
Jesiz SK Gaming (Coach) GamersOrigin (Coach) LEC Wooloo
Hans sama Rogue Team Liquid Travis Gafford
UNF0RGIVEN SK Gaming Prime MAD Lions Pablo Suarez
Cinkrof Karmine Corp Team BDS Alejandro Gomis
Gilius FC Schalke 04 (sub) SK Gaming LEC Wooloo
Malrang Damwon KIA (sub) Rogue LEC Wooloo
Inspired Rogue Evil Geniuses Jacob Wolf
Humanoid  MAD Lions Fnatic LEC Wooloo
RKR BIG MAD Lions LEC Wooloo
Comp Team Vitality (sub) Rogue LEC Wooloo
Dajor Fnatic Rising Astralis Esportsmanicos
Finn CLG Excel LEC Wooloo
Rekkles G2 Esports Karmine Corp L’Equipe
Caedrel Free Agent (caster) Team Vitality (coach) Dot Esports

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