Bjergsen reportedly joining Team Liquid, Jensen lane swap, as star mid laner leaves TSM

bjergsen tsmTina Jo / Riot Games

Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg will not re-sign with TSM, with the coach moving back to playing in LCS 2022. The front-runner for his services are Team Liquid, with Bjergsen reportedly joining as their starting mid laner while Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen role swaps to bot lane.

The Danish star is looking to return to pro play in 2022 and told his long-time org on October 28 he would join another team.

Bjergsen re-signed with TSM in 2019, a deal that made him a part-owner of the org. He played one season under that contract before retiring and transitioning to their head coach position.

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Bjergsen declines to re-sign with TSM

Bjergsen wants to come out of retirement and find a spot as a starting mid laner. TSM owner Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh and League manager Parth Naidu made an offer for Bjerg to stay, which he declined.

“Moving on after 8 years at TSM,” Bjergsen said.

“This is the place I grew up and I’ll be forever grateful for them taking a chance on me as a young player in 2013.”

During his time at TSM, he won six LCS trophies along with four MVP titles and made five World Championship appearances.

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It’s unknown if Bjerg will remain in the LCS or go abroad to LEC for the first time since he came to NA in 2013.

Competing for another team will force Bjergsen to offload his ownership stake in TSM before joining a different org.

TSM will rebuild LCS team

Parth and Regi explored options with and without Bjergsen for the 2022 LCS roster. Now that Bjerg is leaving, the org will enter a rebuilding phase with its team for the next season.

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“I wanted to rebuild our League of Legends organization and culture from the ground up.” Reginald said.

They plan to scout rising talents while making offers to established players to be competitive but TSM will have a stronger focus on long-term improvement.

Team Liquid Bjergsen reportedly in the works

tsm bjergsen team liquidRiot Games
Team Liquid are reportedly testing out an LCS lineup that would include Bjergsen.

Shortly after Bjergsen’s departure from TSM became official, the 25-year-old was linked to a transfer to Team Liquid, according to an Upcomer report.

It’s believed that Liquid will move Jensen to the AD carry role while his former rival takes over the mid lane, the report said.

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A deal is still in the works but the move would bring the former TSM staple to one of their biggest rivals in the LCS.

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