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KT Rolster confirm star-studded line-up as roster madness continues in Korean League of Legends

Published: 27/Nov/2018 13:09 Updated: 27/Nov/2018 13:26

by Joe O'Brien


KT Rolster have confirmed most of their starting line-up for the 2019 League of Legends season.

Amid the major roster shuffle going on between top LCK teams, Summer 2018 champions KT Rolster have confirmed which players they’re holding onto and the addition of a new star mid-laner.

Top-laner Song ‘Smeb’ Kyung-ho and Jungler Go ‘Score’ Dong-bin will remain with the team, while former Kingzone DragonX mid-laner Gwak ‘Bdd’ Bo-seong and former SuperMassive Esport Support No ‘SnowFlower’ Hoi-jong will join.

Bdd has been one of the most highly-scrutinized players in this off-season. Since joining Longzhu Gaming (later Kingzone DragonX) in Summer 2017, Bdd has claimed two LCK titles and established himself as one of the best mid-laners in the world, his name spoken in the same breath as the likes of Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and newly-crowned World Champion Song ‘Rookie’ Eui-jin.


Initially, rumors suggested that Kingzone would prioritize holding onto their star mid-laner amid a major overhaul of their star-studded 2018 roster, but later reports began to suggest that Bdd would in fact be looking for a new home.

LoL EsportsBdd was the regular season MVP in both Summer 2017 and Spring 2018 of the LCK.

KT Rolster themselves were the first team linked with Bdd, but then conflicting reports suggested that he was also in talks with an LPL team and an LEC team. Many fans speculated that the latter could be Fnatic, who just lost their own star mid-laner after reaching the finals of the World Championship.

Bdd’s addition to KT keeps the team among the more star-studded squads heading into the Spring 2019 split of the LCK, although the team has yet to reveal its new AD Carry.


KT Rolster’s full current roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Hwang ‘Kingen‘ Seong-hoon Top KT Rolster
Song ‘Smeb‘ Kyung-ho Top KT Rolster
Go ‘Score‘ Dong-bin Jungle KT Rolster
Gwak ‘Bdd‘ Bo-seong Mid Kingzone DragonX
Choi ‘Mia‘ Sang-in Support SCARZ
No ‘SnowFlower‘ Hoi-jong Support SuperMassive Esports

The move also means a complete rebuild for Kingzone, with top-laner Kim ‘Khan’ Dong-ha joining SK Telecom, Jungler Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho joining Gen. G Esports, and Support Kang ‘GorillA’ Beom-hyeon going to Misfits. The future of AD Carry Kim ‘PraY’ Jong-in remains unconfirmed.

Kingzone will be rebuilding their squad around some of KT’s own departing players, having signed mid-laner Heo ‘PawN’ Won-seok and AD Carry Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu. The team also announced the addition of former Afreeca Freecs Support Park ‘TusiN’ Jong-ik.

Kingzone DragonX current full roster:

Player Position Previous Team
Moon ‘Cuzz‘ Woo-chan Jungle Kingzone DragonX
Heo ‘PawN‘ Won-seok Mid KT Rolster
Kim ‘Deft‘ Hyuk-kyu AD Carry KT Rolster
Park ‘TusiN‘ Jong-ik Support Afreeca Freecs