How to get your League of Legends mastery chart

Carver Fisher

A new trend has gone viral within the League of Legends community which is showing off your mastery chart that visualizes your most-played champions. Here’s how to get a mastery chart of your own.

League of Legends is the kind of game that you can easily dump thousands of hours into over the course of several years. Whether it’s playing with friends or trying to solo carry ranked games, there are dedicated players who have been with the game for years.

It can be nice to look back on that time and see which champions you’ve played most, and, while the in-game LoL client tracks this somewhat, there’s a new mastery chart that shows all of it in one place.

For those who want to see your in-game journey all in one image and send it to your friends, here’s how to get your LoL mastery chart.

Where to find your LoL mastery chart

With how many different champions there are in League of Legends, all of which have diverse playstyles, people can often be defined by which champions they play most.

Whether you’re a jack of all trades and play a bit of everything, or you’re a one trick trying to show off how much time you’ve spent playing one champion, this mastery chart will show you your entire history as a player.

By going to the aptly-named, you can put in your summoner name (or anyone’s summoner name for that matter) and take a peek at what champions they’ve played most. For some, these charts are a bit more lopsided than others.

People who essentially one-trick champions have most of their chart’s real estate taken up by a single champion portrait, almost like a badge of honor.

Even Riot developers have gotten in on the fun! There’s no news as to whether something like this will get added to the League of Legends client proper, but, for now, this fan creation has received widespread support from a large portion of the LoL community.

It’s no surprise that this trend has gone viral within the LoL community, to the point where accessing the mastery chart site can be difficult at times. Due to the large number of new users, it’s been difficult for the site to keep up. The developers are well aware of these issues and are taking donations for better servers on the site’s homepage.

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