Hilarious LoL PBE bug gives Yasuo a cooldown longer than us mere mortals can comprehend

Inkshadow Yasuo Skin Splash ArtRiot Games

The new items on League of Legends’ PBE server have caused a bug that puts Yasuo’s infamous Wind Wall on a cooldown longer than the existence of our universe.

League of Legends is constantly innovating new ways to shake up the game for its players. Whether it be new champions being released onto the rift, or making large systematic changes to switch up the game’s tempo, Riot is constantly looking to change up the MOBA.

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The newest patch to arrive on the PBE patch 13.10 has brought plenty of changes to the game. One such change is the large number of items being reworked and revamped, with items being swapped in and out of the Unique Mythic status. A number of these items were for the ADC class, which is shared by the Samurai mid-laner Yasuo.

These changes are looking to really swap how the mid-laner forms his builds, and may monumentally shift his power in either direction. However, it appears that Yasuo might be a bit weaker than intended on the PBE at the moment, due to a rather hilarious bug that places his Wind Wall ability on a cooldown longer than the literal existence of our known universe.

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League of Legends YouTuber Hextech Lab discovered that combining the Ornn upgraded Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Spear of Shojin results in a pretty insane amount of Ability Haste. Ability Haste dictates how fast a champion’s abilities come off of cooldown, with a higher number meaning lower cooldowns.

Whilst this originally seems fantastic as Yasuo can basically throw out infinite Wind Walls, doing this at the wrong timing appears to set it at an absurdly long cooldown of just over 200 trillion years.

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Hextech Lab did a quick calculation showcasing the sheer length of this cooldown. According to their calculations, the universe has only existed for 0.007% of the insane cooldown.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this long wait period, using the item Navori Quickblades, which reduces cooldowns of every basic ability whilst you auto-attack units. This is still a lengthy process, however, meaning unfortunate Yasuo players might have to play without their Wall of Wind.