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Riot rush out Gwen buffs in League patch 11.8 after launch falls flat

Published: 17/Apr/2021 1:51 Updated: 17/Apr/2021 1:53

by Andrew Amos


Gwen is getting some much-needed buffs just hours after her release in League of Legends, with Riot helping the Hallowed Seamstress out on patch 11.8. She launched with one of the worst win rates in League history, falling under 39%.

Gwen has finally arrived in League of Legends, but it doesn’t seem like the real-life doll is all she’s stitched up to be.

According to stats site, Gwen’s win rate within the 24 hours of her launch was at an abysmal 38.6% across all ranks. At Platinum+, this fell to as low as 37.9%.

While new champions typically launch with a sub-45% win rate, Gwen’s 38.6% is one of the worst for quite some time. Only Yuumi, who released in 2018 with a 30.72% win rate, is comparable to Gwen.


Gwen Space Groove
Riot Games
Gwen’s launch is one of the weakest in League history, according to early win rates.

Gwen hotfix buffs her early game

To help the Hallowed Seamstress, Riot pushed through an urgent hotfix to try and pump a bit more power back into her kit.

The changes weren’t excessive. Gwen gained some extra base armor and extra base damage on her Q, Snip Snip. The armor change will help her out in the laning phase, especially against AD champions in the top lane.

The Q changes are a decent buff too. The base damage has been increased at all ranks, and the scaling on the ability has also been cleaned up to whole numbers.

Gwen League of Legends
Riot Games
The Gwen hotfix should hopefully give her some extra power in lane.

The changes are now live in League of Legends patch 11.8. Newly-reworked jungler Rammus was also hotfixed after a bug with Predator allowed him to move way faster than intended.


You can find the full Gwen hotfix change list below.

League patch 11.8 Gwen hotfixes

Base stats

  • Armor: 37 ⇒ 39

Q: Snip Snip!

  • Base damage per snip: 8/10.75/13.5/16.25/19 ⇒ 9/12/15/18/21
  • Final snip base damage: 40/53.75/67.5/81.25/95 ⇒ 45/60/75/90/105