Game-breaking League of Legends bug leaves Neeko disabled

Game breaking Neeko bugRiot Games/Vandril

A game-breaking League of Legends bug has allowed Vandiril, LoL’s resident bug hunter, to win multiple games in 3 minutes or less on Neeko.

Vandiril’s at it again, finding the absolute most game breaking bugs in League of Legends and showing them off for everyone to see.

He was busy during the Worlds 2022 cycle, showing off both an Orianna bug that resulted in her being briefly disabled during the tournament, as well as a bug that may have lost Top Esports their Worlds run.

However, these glitches are pretty small scale in comparison to his most recent discovery: Neeko can turn into a tower and shoot tower shots. LoL has had its fair share of bugs over the years, but this is one of the craziest and most game-breaking yet. And it’s left Neeko disabled.

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Game-breaking League of Legends bug turns Neeko into a tower

Neeko’s passive allows her to change into other champions on her team as a way to deceive the enemy. However, it only work at face value, as she doesn’t gain any of their abilities or the damage they have from their build.

At least, that’s how Neeko is supposed to work. Vandiril has found a way to transform Neeko into things like a tower or a jungle camp, and she deals an incredibly high amount of damage in these forms.

While Vandiril hasn’t shown how to replicate this bug for the sake of keeping League of Legends playble for those who don’t know to ban Neeko, the footage of this bug in action is something else, and there’s good reason for why Neeko has been disabled.

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Their tweet shows Yuumi tanking the tower for them, allowing him to output a massive amount of damage without taking damage from the tower. In a matter of seconds, the T1 tower and the Syndra beneath it are decimated.

The full video shows some of the other shenanigans like turning into jungle camps, as well as what it looks like when the glitch functions “properly” and shows Neeko transforming into an oversized tower.

Neeko has since been disabled, and cannot be played until Riot finds a way to fix this bug.