Fun Samira trick lets you do damage when you taunt

Lauren Bergin

Players have discovered a fun Easter Egg in Samira’s taunt animation that lets them do damage to their enemy. 

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With every new champion comes a host of new abilities, and it’s safe to say that the latest League of Legends champion Samira’s abilities have certainly sent the LoL community into a spiral.

Many fans view the champion as being completely broken, a fact supported by her ban and win rate. No one wants to see Samira on the enemy team, and if they do it’s likely an ‘FF at 15 minutes’ type of game.

That being said, Samira is a super fun champion to play and has revolutionized League of Legends. But there’s one fun aspect little Easter Egg that players have discovered and, in turn, spammed.

The Desert Rose may receive follow-up nerfs in League Patch 10.20, Riot has confirmed.
Samira has become infamous, but she’s still a fun champion.

A post by Reddit user Mr-Deer on the Samira dedicated subreddit highlights the fact that Samira’s taunt – which sees her toss a coin – actually deals 1 true damage every time that it hits an enemy. In addition to this, of the taunt hits it contributes towards Samira’s all-important style rating.

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Another fun little detail about her taunt is that it costs one gold to use, as the player is literally throwing one gold at their enemy. The opposing champion also gains one gold: but at what cost?

While YouTube videos such as Rossboomsocks’ attempts to only do damage using this taunt are clearly just for fun, a tweet from Cloud 9 streamer Vienna shows how the taunt can be used to bait in enemies and punish them.

So all in all, while Samira’s taunt is a lot of fun it does have some possibly practical applications in actual LoL gameplay. While some might argue that having a taunt that deals damage just makes Samira even more broken, it’s a fun little Easter Egg nonetheless.

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