Faker stars in exclusive League of Legends collab with McDonald’s

Faker LCK collabMcDonalds/Riot Games

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has teamed up with the LCK for an exclusive collaboration that includes limited-edition menu items and collectibles for hungry League of Legends fans in Korea.

As with any of the League of Legends regions across the world, the LCK has its fair share of sponsors and partnerships. These include Logitech, Secretlab, Woori Bank, and of course, McDonald’s.

Well, the world’s biggest fast-food chain has decided to run a limited-time collaboration with the LCK that includes various new menu items and collectible role cards for each of the region’s brightest stars.

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The food even comes in an LCK-inspired McDonald’s box, perfect for any League of Legends fan looking for a quick meal.

Mcdonalds KoreaMcdonalds Korea/LCK
The ‘LCK Legend Pack’ comes with a range of food items.

Mcdonald’s x LCK collaboration includes exclusive collectibles

So, what makes this meal any different from any other food from the Golden Arches? Well, the ‘LCK Legend Pack’ includes everything you’d usually expect from a McDonald’s order, alongside a set of exclusive collectibles.

The most exciting aspect of the meal is limited edition role cards that come alongside the meal for some of the biggest stars in the LCK. These include cards for each in-game position with appearances from Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon, and Kim ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu.

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There’s no doubt that some Korean League of Legends fans will be making multiple trips to McDonald’s to collect every single role card before the end of the collab.

LCK collectibleMcdonalds Korea/LCK
The ‘LCK Legend Pack’ includes collectible role cards for each in-game position.

It’ll be interesting to see how many more customers McDonald’s draw in with the collab, too.

For now, these exclusive food items are only available in Korea, so Western League of Legends fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that LEC or LCS Legend Packs are on their way soon.

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