Team Liquid’s Alphari hits out at TSM for dodging scrims

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As the LCS continues to heat up, Team Liquid top laner Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris has accused TSM of dodging scrims and lying about it in a recent interview. 

Update March 19 at 3:06PM (GMT)

Alphari has clarified that no ill will was meant towards TSM, but that the situation was “annoying a couple of weeks ago.”

He playfully taunts that the team are “still gonna get absolutely murdered tomorrow,” so it’ll be exciting to see how this plays out on the Rift.

Original story follows below:

With the main body of the LCS Spring Split over and done with and the playoff contenders announced, the results are pretty close.

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Duking it out for the top spots are NA LoL icons like Cloud9, TSM, and Team Liquid. Each team has independently proven their ability to dominate the rift, so the finals this year are going to be a lot more competitive than 2020’s C9 dominated tournament.

It turns out, though, that Team Liquid’s top laner Alphari has a bit of a bone to pick with TSM.

Alphari accuses TSM of dodging LCS skrims

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Former Origen top laner Alphari has become one of TL’s shining stars.

In a stream from March 19, the Welshman hits out at rivals TSM for evading the truth in a recent interview regarding LCS teams dodging scrims. He calls out support player Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo-Chieh for misleading fans.

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Alphari recently discussed teams dodging scrims in another interview, but never named the teams in question. He’s revealed on stream that, in actuality, he was referring to TSM.

“I swear to God, two days before I did this interview we scrimmed TSM, and they must have dodged scrims last second, after full champ select, like five times that day. It was mental.”

He goes on to recall that “it was so disgusting what happened that day. It was the worst day of scrims. And it was TSM that was doing it, and SwordArt goes and says he never saw it happening.”

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While he cites that “after that TSM have been much better,” the issue has clearly irritated the TL star.

Interestingly, the Black and White squad came under fire for a similar thing last year.

Yilang ‘Doublelife’ Peng dispelled these rumors last time around, it’ll be interesting to see how TSM responds to these new allegations.