Faker calls on Riot for win trading changes in LoL solo queue

. 11 months ago
Faker Riot Games

T1 LoL star player Faker had some choice words for developer Riot Games on their need to fix the win trading happening in League of Legends’ solo queue.

League of Legends solo queue has been the subject of criticism by the LoL community over the last few years. Back in May 2020, streamer and former pro player Voyboy pleaded with Riot Games and the community to begin fixing the problems that were haunting the game’s main mode of play.

One of those problems in solo queue is win trading, which refers to the process of one player intentionally losing so that the other can win and gain LP to climb the ranked ladder. This often happens at higher levels of play as players can pay to gain free wins.

Now, one of, if not the, most popular League of Legends players has brought attention to the game’s solo queue issues, specifically relating to win trading.

Faker wearing SKT jacket and jersey
Riot Games
Faker is arguably the most recognizable player in League of Legends history.

Faker on win trading

After a T1 victory against Fredit Brion which helped T1 get closer to locking in a playoff spot Faker spoke to Inven Global post-game, and touched on the issues annoying players worldwide.

Faker was asked about win trading in solo queue and said: “My solo queue points fell a lot, and I think that’s because of my own faults. I want to improve my form more and finish the season higher. About the win trading issues, I was rather enraged when I talked about it.

“I believe Riot will solve that problem well. I hope new measures are set to stop those bad users for myself and for the other users as well.”

Faker is hoping that Riot Games will step in and fix the current problems of win trading in high ELO, which looks like it’s ruining Faker’s solo queue experience. It makes sense that it would be hard to get good games in as practice before pro games, only to be playing in a match that’s unwinnable because of win traders.

The answer Faker gave is in hopes that Riot will step in and punish people more aggressively for taking part in win trading.

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