League of Legends streamer permabanned for death threats in game chat

Riot Games

League of Legends streamer and Warwick specialist Parnellyx received a perma-ban on his main account after going on a violent rant during a match.

It’s no secret that League of Legends can bring out the worst in people. The game has had ongoing problems with toxicity in its player base ever since its release.

A recent example of this is back in April when Twitch star streamer Ninja began streaming LoL for the first time, leading him to flame his teammates incessantly and screaming in fits of rage.

Now, LoL streamer and content creator Parnellyx had his main account which was just a few games away from reaching Challenger rank permanently banned after going on a rant in a post-game lobby on July 28.

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Parnellyx is a prominent Warwick player, making all of his YouTube and Twitch content centered around the champion.

What got Parnellyx banned

Parnellyx tweeted on July 28 that his main account had received a permaban. 100 Thieves academy player Tenacity responded with the evidence as to why Parnelly’s account was suspended.

The rant was caught in the game’s internal chat, and shows Parnellyx saying “there genuinely needs to be a mass shooting at one of these League events. No sympathy for anyone in this community.”

He goes on to write “they all should be dead I will literally shoot you in the head five times if I see you.” His comments are out of line with Riot’s code of conduct for LoL, and his account was swiftly suspended forever.

Parnellyx tweeted afterward in regret, saying “I do not want to ever be perceived as a toxic player or “L9”. My life philosophy is to be a good person and empathetic of others. I look up to people like Riste or Voyboy. I do not know what is wrong with me but league makes me the complete opposite of who I am”.

After naming Voyboy in the original tweet, the Kid himself hopped into the discussion, telling Parnelly “honestly, that was one of the most f**ked up things I’ve ever seen a league player say and blaming it on the game is a cop out. You have to take full personal responsibility, take a break and work on yourself so stuff like that never manifests in your head again for any reason”

After the reactions to his rant came out, Parnellyx made a post on YouTube saying he’ll be stepping away from streaming and content creation, saying “I could be back in a few days or in a few months or something else.”