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Riot reveals plan to fix League of Legends Solo Q after Voyboy video

Published: 10/May/2020 12:01

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games have revealed a new plan to combat the “game-ruining behavior” that has been affecting players’ ranked solo queue experience in League of Legends, after streamer Voyboy expressed concerns for the playlist.

After popular Twitch streamer and former North American pro Voyboy revealed his disappointment over the current state of Solo Q matches in League of Legends, he was met with overwhelming support from the community.

Voyboy highlighted the apparent lack of punishment issued to players who had been “ruining games” by AFKing or intentionally feeding kills to the opposing team and called on Riot to implement some changes.

Riot Games
Riot Games have revealed new features will be added to reduce “game ruining behavior.”

The League of Legends devs previously responded to Voyboy on May 5 during their latest installment of the Riot Report series and announced that they were working on solutions to counter the toxic behavior in-game.

However, they have now revealed a new plan to fans of the popular MOBA in a new blog post on May 8, outlining some of the new features and countermeasures that they plan on adding to League over the next few months.

Riot developer Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon explained that they had already started to work on improving report feedback, trialing a new system on NA servers before worldwide launch, and adding that it should “result in a significant increase in the number of punishments being surfaced.”

Along with some of the ongoing efforts, he announced that more features to counter toxic behavior would be added soon such as the ability to report and mute players in the Champion Select phase. 

“Disruptive behavior in Champ Select is a problem that players have very few ways to deal with,” Meddler admitted, “Starting around late Q2 we’re going to give you the ability to report disruptive players in Champ Select.”

Following those changes, Riot revealed that they would also be looking towards “rapid, automated detection” to stop trolling in Solo Q matches, while explaining that they have been cautious of relying on the feature in the past, due to risk of players being falsely identified for toxic behavior and receiving unjust punishments.

Along with Riot’s effort to solve the game’s issues, Voyboy, who played a massive part in starting this movement, released another video on the topic, urging League of Legends fans to do their part in restoring the popular playlist.

Riot also revealed that their long term strategy to counter the “game ruining behavior” is still yet to be determined and will likely be dependent on the level of impact that some of their shorter-term changes will have.

League of Legends

Krepo announces public return to League of Legends after 4 year-long hiatus

Published: 17/Jan/2021 23:11

by Julian Young


After a scandal in 2017, EU LCS caster Mitch ‘Krepo’ Voorspoels stepped away from League of Legends. After years of silence on social media, the ex-caster shocked the community by announcing his plans to re-enter the League of Legends space.

Krepo – known to some as “Boris” – was a respected player, caster, and personality in the League community leading up to 2017. With experience playing for teams like Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses, Krepo transitioned into an EU LCS casting position flawlessly.

In the summer of 2017, Krepo stepped down from his casting role after explicit photos he sent were leaked online. He issued a final statement in the fall of 2017, where confirmed his departure from the casting team and a desire to return to the League space at some point in the future.

After the tweet on Oct. 16, 2017, Krepo’s account was silent for 3 years.

On Jan. 17, 2021, Krepo tweeted for the first time since 2017 and shocked the League of Legends world by announcing his public return to the game’s huge online community.

Krepo League of Legends Riot Caster 2
Facebook / Krepo
Krepo stepped down from his position as an EU LCS caster in 2017.

Krepo started his statement by recapping what led to his departure from League in 2017. “It was a most needed wake-up call for myself,” he admitted, and went on to say that “to this day I’m still ashamed of what I/my life had become.”

He continued by outlining his struggles with narcissism, unhealthy relationships, and various addictions. Krepo made it clear that these issues were no excuse for his behavior, and confirmed “the fault here lies with the addict.”

The ex-caster also described his life since stepping away from League. He revealed his struggles with social media addiction, and admitted that “it took me around a year or 2 to truly realize how dependent and addicted I was to it all.”

Krepo explained how his mentality finally changed. “I’ve also tried to just help more people… to help wherever I can in the League of Legends space.” His newfound positivity led to his time as the coach of Schalke Esports in 2018, where he “learned a lot from my experience in coaching.”

The ex-caster also described his time behind-the-scenes at G2 Esports and Team Vitality. At G2, he helped manage the competitive and content teams, along with the “relationship with Riot and G2.” Krepo also spent time as Team Director at Vitality until they parted on good terms.

During the downtime after leaving Team Vitality, Krepo realized how much he missed his direct involvement with the League community.

He explained how watching other streamers inspired him, and “made me realize how much I miss just sharing my passion for League.”

“I never thought I’d ever come back to the ‘spotlight’,” Krepo admitted, “But it made me realize how much I miss just sharing my passion for League.”

He continued, “I want to play League, talk about League, review it, discuss the scene again,” which explains his return to the public eye for the first time since 2017.

The ex-caster clarified “I still want to work in the League space long term mostly behind the scenes,” but added “for now, I just wanna share my passion for the upcoming season by streaming, playing, and mostly discussing LEC.”

Immediately after his post on Twitter went live, the replies were flooded with support from the official G2 account, dozens of fellow casters, and countless other League personalities. After more than 3 years of silence, it appears Krepo has made his triumphant return to the League of Legends community.