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What are Dragons in TFT Set 7? New mechanic explained

Published: 23/May/2022 9:00

by Andrew Amos


Dragons are more than just a neutral round in TFT Set 7. In Dragonlands, the mythical beasts are the core mechanic, buffing players’ boards with ultra-powerful abilities. Here’s how they’ll work, and the types of Dragons you can find.

With TFT Set 7 exploring the Dragonlands, it only makes sense that players entering the Convergence become familiar with the namesake beasts.

Dragons are at the center of TFT’s latest update, with the ultra-powerful units making up the core set mechanic. They are more than just another unit on a board ⁠— but ultimately what makes your comp shine. Most (but not all) of the best boards in TFT Set 7 will need a Dragon.


So, here’s what you need to know about Dragons, including what beasts you’ll be able to bring with you into the Convergence.

League of Legends
Riot Games
Shyvana is evolving into a pure dragon in TFT Set 7.

What are Dragons in TFT Set 7?

Dragons are the special TFT Set 7 mechanic, but they don’t work like other set-specific gimmicks before.

“When we landed on Dragonlands, we were excited to create a roster inspired by all sorts of high-fantasy stories involving dragons. We looked at the roster of champions to drag a couple of actual dragons, and we had so many to choose from like Aurelion Sol, Shyvana, and that’s it,” developer Matthew ‘Wittrock’ Wittrock said in a May dev video.


“We repurposed League’s dragon, and dragon-ish, models to fit into one of the seven realms of the Dragonlands.”

Dragons themselves are part of a trait ⁠— much like Set 6’s Rival ⁠— that benefit when there’s only one of them on the field. With each Dragon aligning with a different realm, they’ll buff up specific champions based on their traits and allegiance to said realm.

They are also ultra-powerful units. Dragons gain triple the trait bonus from their origin, take up two slots, and boast an impressive amount of base stats. They also have unique abilities. However, all this comes at quite the eye-watering cost ⁠— you do have to buy them in the shop.


Dragon Guardian Galio in League of Legends
Riot Games
Some dragon-like skins, like Dragon Guardian Galio, are being repurposed for TFT Set 7.

Each Dragon in TFT Set 7: Abilities

You can find details on each of the seven dragons in TFT Set 7 below.

Ao Shin splash art in TFT Set 7

Ao Shin

  • Cost: 10 gold
  • Traits: Tempest Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Lightning Rain: Ao Shin fires a barrage of 15 lightning strikes at random enemies. Each strike deals 250/400/10000 magic damage and drains 20 Mana from his target.

Aurelion Sol splash art in TFT Set 7

Aurelion Sol

  • Cost: 10 gold
  • Traits: Astral Evoker Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Black Hole: Aurelion Sol summons an unstable black hole underneath a random enemy. After 2 seconds it implodes, dealing 200/350/5000 magic damage to all enemies in the area and reducing their Attack Damage by 40 for 5 seconds. Each cast the area increases by 50% and damage by increases by 200/350/5000.

Daeja splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Cost: 8 gold
  • Traits: Mirage Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Echo Wind
    • Passive: Daeja’s attacks deal 100/180/500 bonus magic damage and reduce the target’s Magic Resist by 3.
    • Active: Daeja sends a wind blast toward the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1000 magic damage. For the next 5 seconds Daeja’s attacks launch three barrages.

Idas splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Cost: 8 gold
  • Traits: Shimmerscale Guardian Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Golden Scales: Idas hardens her scales for 2 seconds, reducing incoming damage by 50/75/300. She then roars, healing herself for 400/700/1500 Health and shielding other allies for 200/300/600 for 5 seconds. The shield grants 40% attack speed while it holds.

Shi Oh Yu splash art in TFT Set 7

Shi Oh Yu

  • Cost: 8 gold
  • Traits: Jade Mystic Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Jade Rush: Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining 35% damage reduction, immunity to crowd control, and empowering her next 3 attacks with special effects.
    • Attack 1: Deals 200/225/250% Attack Damage as physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second.
    • Attack 2: Deals 200/225/250% Attack Damage as true damage.
    • Attack 3: Ends the stance, dealing 200/225/250% Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for 1 second.

Shyvana splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Cost: 10 gold
  • Traits: Ragewing Shapeshifter Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Dragon’s Descent: Shyvana transforms into Dragon Form for the rest of combat, replacing her ability with Flame Breath. She then becomes untargetable before dive-bombing the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1000 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
    • Flame Breath: Shyvana breathes fire in a cone, dealing 35/50/200% of the enemy’s maximum Health as magic damage.

Sy'fen splash art in TFT Set 7


  • Cost: 8 gold
  • Traits: Whispers Bruiser Dragon
  • Ability ⁠— Rampage: Sy’fen charges toward the farthest enemy within 3 hexes, dealing 400/500/1000% Attack Damage as physical damage and knocking up enemies they pass through. If no enemies are nearby, he charges again. After charging, Sy’fen bits an enemy, dealing 450% Attack Damage as physical damage and ignoring 50% of the target’s Armor.

How does the Treasure Dragon work in TFT Set 7?

There’s also an eighth dragon to contend with in the Dragonlands — the Treasure Dragon. Everyone gets access to it though, as long as you reach Stage 4-7, as it will replace the Raptors PVE round.

As Riot expands player agency in TFT, the Treasure Dragon presents players with a choice in the form of an armory-like shop — a throwback to Set 5. The game will offer players gold, items, and some special bonuses to take. Don’t like what you see? Reroll for one gold. However, it’s all or nothing — you can’t pick and choose from a selection to keep and reroll the rest.


“The idea is that the choices are all generally balanced, but there are some unique rare rolls that make you make a trade off,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer said in a private developer AMA.

Treasure Dragon combat round in TFT Set 7
Riot Games
The Treasure Dragon gives players even more agency in TFT.

When does TFT Set 7 release?

TFT Set 7, Dragonlands, is set to launch on TFT patch 12.11 on June 8, 2022. It’ll first go into testing on the PBE client starting May 25, 2022 for those eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

TFT Set 7 will include the usual refresh of champions and traits, as well as the return of Hextech Augments and more. You can find out more about Dragonlands here.