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Doublelift defends Jensen and Impact after “unlucky” Worlds exit

Published: 21/Oct/2019 0:01 Updated: 21/Oct/2019 0:47

by Andrew Amos


Star bot laner Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng opened up about Liquid’s “depressing” elimination from the League of Legends 2019 World Championship, asking fans to not blame his teammates.

Team Liquid were the North American hopefuls heading into Worlds 2019, carrying the weight of an entire region on their shoulders. After making the finals at MSI 2019 and winning back-to-back LCS splits, many fans expected the veteran roster to get out of groups, even with the relative strength of their group.

However, Liquid proved to be no match for Korea’s Damwon Gaming and former champions Invictus Gaming, as they bowed out of group D in third with a 3-3 record. The loss also marked the first time NA hadn’t progressed to the knockout stage at Worlds since 2015, and only the second time in history.

Riot GamesLiquid were sent home by Invictus Gaming and Damwon Gaming on the final day of groups at Worlds 2019.

In a video posted to Twitter on October 20, Doublelift broke down his emotions in the aftermath of their elimination from Worlds. While people had been directing blame towards top laner Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong and mid laner Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen, the bot laner stood up for his teammates.

“I feel like Jensen and Impact get a huge proportion of the blame, but I f***ing hate that, and it’s really destructive for a team,” he said. 

“I’m not saying this out of some sort of a moral obligation, but when I was on TSM, I wish my teammates stood up for me, so I feel like I should stand up for my teammates when they get unfairly blamed.”

He was quick to point out that everyone on the team made mistakes, but also commented on the high-pressure situation pro players find themselves at these major events when it comes to public scrutiny. 

“We all f***ed up a lot, in many games,” he said. “In some of the games, like me ulting into Veigar cage, we still won — and some of the games we also lost. 

“There’s so many different mistakes that are happening that the ones that stick out like sore thumbs will be the ones people talk about the most, but the game’s not lost off of a solo kill. To me, (our loss) is so disproportionately tunnel visioned on a ton of things.”

He then opened up about how hard it was to cope with losing at Worlds once again. Doublelift has not made the playoffs at Worlds since season one, and the veteran was heartbroken over missing out on the chance to prove himself on the world stage once and for all.

“We weren’t strong enough of a team, that’s why we didn’t advance,” he said. “I think we were a strong team, actually. This year, more than any other year, we were a strong team that just got f***ing unlucky man. Why do I get so unlucky man? It’s so disgusting, it’s so f***ing depressing.

“I think we are a strong team that can beat anybody, and that’s why it hurt so bad this year because we weren’t able to show it.”

Doublelift hasn’t made it out of groups at Worlds since season one.

Looking forward into next year, the bot laner asked his fanbase to not repeat one specific phrase when expressing their condolences.

“I hate when people say “better luck next year” – don’t ever say that to your favorite pros, please, because it’s so empty, so meaningless, so far away. This year is over, and we tried our best.”

North America bowed out of Worlds in spectacular fashion. The region as a whole finished with a 5-13 record after Cloud 9 picked up two wins in group A, while Clutch Gaming walked away from Berlin without a win to their name.

The quarter-finals for Worlds 2019 will kick off at 3am PST on October 26, with Griffin taking on Invictus Gaming. You can keep up with all the action via our Worlds coverage hub.

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Tahm Kench rework coming in LoL Season 11: everything we know

Published: 26/Nov/2020 6:17

by Isaac McIntyre


Tahm Kench is set to have his ‘acquired taste’ adjusted slightly in early 2021. The River King will be receiving a mini-rework targeting Devour and Abyssal Voyage during the Season 11 preseason, Riot devs have revealed — and it looks like it will soon be time to unbench the Kench again.

Riot unveiled their plans for the notorious support in a dev blog in late June. Their idea to “carefully balance” the River King, game designer Kevin ‘Captain’ Huang said, was to target his two most iconic abilities: his deep-diving ultimate, and his ‘Devour’ mechanic.

“It’s no secret [Tahm Kench] is one of the champions most famous for being weak for a vast majority of players because his kit is strong for pros,” Huang said. “Tahm has a lot of power that specifically requires the highest degree of coordinated play.”

The main issue with these kinds of champions ⁠— a category other famous picks like Kalista and Ryze also fall into ⁠— is “if they ever rise about 44-45% win rate [in their roles], they simply take over the professional scene,” Huang explained.

Riot’s aim, then, is to tweak his two “high skill cap” moves in the Season 11 mini-rework. TK’s ultimate, Abyssal Voyage, will be switched to his ‘W’ ability, while Devour/Regurgitate will be the River King’s ultimate heading into Season 11.

Tahm Kench could see his iconic kit shuffled around slightly in a Season 10 mini-rework.
Riot Games
Tahm Kench is set to see his iconic kit shuffled around slightly in a Season 11 rework.

Abyssal Voyage, Devour being reworked

There’s a few smaller tweaks the devs have already tabled for these two abilities too. Kench’s Abyssal Voyage would become the support’s “new engage tool,” would be “faster” and have a “shorter range”. It would also deal damage, and knock up enemies on arrival.

His Devour ability, which would be headed to the premiere “R” slot, would come with damage (for enemies) or a shield (for allies) depending on targets. On top of that, its cooldown would be stretched, and obviously it would be locked behind a level 6 experience barrier.

“We have moved Devour to his ult slot, where it gets to be significantly more powerful as a spell cast, and therefore less dependent on allies,” Huang said.

“With a longer cooldown and no access to the ability before [level] 6, opponents should also be able to capitalize on its downtimes [in better ways.]”

River King gets more self-healing

Finally, Tahm Kench may be getting a bit more self-healing in his reworked kit, with his Q ability Tongue Lash currently giving the River King a little HP top-up on-hit.

The last time Tahm Kench was handed a balance update outside of minor bug fixes was in League Patch 9.19, last season. His Thick Skin passive had its ‘Grey Health’ bonus changed from 30-100% (based on levels) to 75% at all levels.

Most of Tahm Kench's kit will be changed in Season 11.
Riot Games
Most of Tahm Kench’s kit will be changed in Season 11.

When will Tahm Kench be updated?

These new changes have been in Riot’s testing chambers for more than half a year now, but it looks like we may have to wait just a little bit longer before the new Tahm Kench actually arrives.

Originally, Riot said the River King’s ability update would arrive “after the Worlds patch [10.19].” That expected release date has rolled up in the distance, arrived, and now is weeks in the rearview mirror; Season 11’s preseason has begun.

The Tahm Kench rework will land after that, Riot Phlox confirmed on Nov. 25.

He said, “The TK rework is coming once preseason is more settled, and we have time to finish up the work and allocate the resources. Really would prefer to have it out before pro starts again, but I sadly can’t just slap a timeline here.”

The plan was originally to “avoid upheaval” around the pro scene, but that appears to have fallen by the wayside, at least for the time being.

Riot admits the River King is hard to balance around solo queue and pro play at the same time.
Riot Games
Riot admits the River King is hard to balance around solo queue and pro play at the same time.

Tahm Kench “thicc” changes, as Phlox called them, aren’t the only ones planned champion-wise in League of Legends’ huge Season 11 shakeup either.

Support Pantheon is being targeted in patch 10.25, in an attempt to shift the Artisan of War top lane again, while Amumu has just been whacked with a hefty chunk of nerfs after the new item reworks fired his win rate into the clouds.