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DisguisedToast makes insane one turn kill deck in Legends of Runeterra

Published: 18/Oct/2019 1:57 Updated: 18/Oct/2019 2:42

by Brad Norton


Having only just released in early access to select content creators and lucky players who signed up online, popular Hearthstone content, DisguisedToast has taken his talents to the recently announced Riot Games title, Legends of Runeterra.

Already taking over as one of the most-watched games on all of Twitch, the streamer had recently put together a brand new deck that absolutely obliterated his opposition.

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In an October 17 broadcast, DisguisedToast demonstrated how to completely flip a game in a single turn. From being down in total Nexus health and without any presence on the board whatsoever, one card shifted the momentum in his favor. 


Titled ‘She Who Wanders,’ the 9 mana card is a beefy 10/10 character with a devastating effect. Upon being played, all units with 4 or less power are instantly deleted. This applies to units not only on the board but in your opponent’s hand as well, as this unlucky opponent quickly learned.

Riot GamesLegends of Runeterra will soon be available on mobile devices.
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In one swift move, all five cards vanished from the enemy hand, leaving them with absolutely zero counterplay. 

Amusingly following up, DisguisedToast then dropped another ‘She Who Wanders’ onto the field just to be safe. Having only drawn a single card since first having their hand erased, that lone card was also taken away from the opponent upon the effect of the second radical 10/10 unit.


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With 20 total attacking power now in play and nothing for the opposite side of the board to block with, victory was all but ensured for the streamer.

“We have 20 damage here, and we win the game,” he said before finally ending his turn. Having completely altered the state of the match, DisguisedToast demonstrated one ridiculously powerful combination that can cruise through decks filled with weaker units.

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Despite only recently being announced during the League of Legends 10th anniversary stream, it appears as though certain players have already crafted ridiculous decks capable of utterly insane plays just like this. 


In case you missed the reveal, here’s everything you need to know about Legends of Reuneterra from Riot Games.