6 strongest League champions in Patch 10.14: Wukong, Volibear, more

James Busby

League of Legends patch 10.14 promises to reel in the reigns of certain champions, while also buffing those that have struggled to make their mark in the current meta. 

Just like every new League of Legends patch, the latest 10.14 update has brought with it host of exciting changes, much needed nerfs, meta-shaking buffs, and plenty of bug fixes. Despite nerfs to some all too familiar faces, there have been a number of champs that have managed to retain their top-tier placement. 

Meanwhile, those you who are looking forward to playing League’s latest champion, Lillia will need to wait that little bit longer. While the Bashful Bloom has yet to make her Rift debut, there’s still plenty of game-changing content to sink your teeth into. So, let’s run through the champions you should be using to gain a competitive edge.

Top-lane: Wukong

Wukong splash
Wukong is still crushing the top-lane competition.

Despite receiving a nerf to his ultimate’s knock-up duration, Wukong still reigns supreme in the top-lane.

The Monkey King’s ability to interrupt teamfights and dish out high amounts of damage is unparalleled, particularly when he builds sustain items like Blade of the Ruined King and tanky items like Black Cleaver. With a 51.87% on the Korean server and 8.97% pick rate, there really is no stopping this angry ape. 

Jungle: Volibear

Volibear splash
Riot recent Volibear rework might have proven a little too strong.

Volibear is another champion who continues to run rampant on the Rift and it seems Riot’s recent rework has proven a little too strong. His ferocious speed and overall sustain not only allow him to take camps quickly, it also gives him a great deal of survivability.

As a result, the Relentless Storm has snagged an impressive 53.22% win rate, making him the most dominant jungler in the current meta. 

Mid-lane: Talon

Talon splash
Talon’s high mobility allows him to unleash some truly game-changing plays.

Talon is no stranger to the mid-lane spotlight and he returns to claim the crown in patch 10.14. This slippery assassin only needs a few kills before he begins to snowball into an uncontrollable nightmare.

Being able to effortlessly hop over walls and claim kills with a deadly volley of daggers is as satisfying as it is effective. With the Zed buff this patch, there has never been a better time to add the Blade’s Shadow to your champ collection.

Bot-lane: Ashe

Ashe splash
Ashe is a great pick for any team looking to secure a dominant victory.

Patch 10.14 has finally given other bot-lane carries the chance to shine, but Ashe is our go-to pick for this update. With Ezreal receiving a significant nerf to his E (Arcane Shift), the bot-lane meta has started to see an influx of different champions.

However, Ashe has continued to forge ahead thanks to her map-wide ultimate and slowing volleys.[jwplayer zedUDwHl] Freljord’s finest archer is a great pick for those looking to make those game-winning plays. 

Support: Bard

Bard splash
Bard is no stranger to the bot-lane spotlight.

Bard remains our top pick in the support role and he’s still absolutely dominating on the Korean server where he’s enjoying a 54.01% win rate. The Wandering Caretaker is incredibly potent in the early-game, particularly when you build him for damage.

To make matters even better, his E (Magical Journey) and ultimate (Tempered Fate) give you a great deal of control when it comes to engaging/disengaging fights. This well-rounded support certainly brings plenty of kill potential to his team. 

Meta breaker: Riven

Riven splash
Shake things up and surprise your enemies by adding Riven to your roster.

Riven has been missing from the Rift for a while now, but the recent buff to her passive has seen the Exile return. While she may still struggle in the early stages of the game, this champion really starts to pop off during the mid-to-late game.

We expect to see a lot more damage builds popping up as players transition from the usual tank items. If you want to shake things up and ignore the current meta, then Riven is the perfect pick for you. 

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