First look at League of Legends champion Lillia revealed

James Busby

Riot Games has just released its first teaser trailer for their new League of Legends champion, Lillia. Here are all the details you need to know about the whimsical woodland jungler. 

Lillia was first revealed in Riot’s 2020 roadmap where they gave a few details about the dream-inducing jungler. Recent leaks also revealed that League of Legends players could be able to awaken this new champion as soon as Patch 10.14 goes live. 

However, Riot Games has just released a short cinematic trailer that has shone some much-needed light onto this mysterious creature. While we don’t currently know what Lillia’s exact abilities will be, we do know that she will be running about the Rift incredibly soon. 

What we know about Lillia

Lillia splash art
Lillia uses sleep-inducing abilities to dominate her foes.

In Riot’s June dev blog, lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles revealed that Lillia is “quite shy,” and is easily startled. As a result, she prefers to send her opponents to sleep and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities where she can “frolic in and out of the fray”. 

The developer also stated that Lillia is a mid-range skirmisher, so it’s safe to assume that she will be able to poke her enemies down safely from a distance. Riot has also warned fans that this sleep-loving fawn and her masked-assassin foe will have “steep learning curves,” so you’ll need to dedicate a fair amount of time to learning Lillia if you wish to truly master this deer-like jungler. 

Reveal trailer

While we may not have an ability breakdown yet, the trailer does heavily imply that her kit is based around sleep abilities. Many fans have also stated that Lillia looks incredibly close to that of mid-lane champion Neeko – another champion that likes to flit in and out of battle. 

Whether there’s a connection between these two champions is yet to be confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait until Riot releases Lillia’s official character lore. However, we do know that the arrival of the Spirit Blossom Festival has awakened Lillia’s curiosity and the “magical fawn musters the courage to venture out and uncover the mystery behind her ailing forest.”

A shadowy figure can also be seen when Lillia says “and shines when we’re facing the darkest nightmare,” with many eagle-eyed LoL fans believing that this could be a tease for an upcoming Spirit Blossom Riven skin. After all, Riot are now working on a number of new champion skins, so it would make sense to showcase one of these here. 

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