5 things we know about Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Lauren Bergin
LoL Ruined King Miss Fortune

Riot Forge’s newest creation, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, has certainly caught the attention of fans worldwide. Here’s 5 important things we know about LoL’s newest instalment. 

When Riot Forge was announced back in 2019, there was a lot of hype about what this would mean for the future of League of Legends. Fast forward to now, where the Ruined King is nearly here. With the trailer being released and more and more details slipping through the cracks, LoL fans everywhere have a lot to be excited about.

While some are still toying with the idea that the Ruined King may eventually make his way onto Summoner’s Rift as a jungler, it seems pretty apparent that he’ll have a much bigger part to play in Riot’s newest RPG.

Here’s five things that we know about the newest instalment in the League of Legends franchise that’ll make you want the game even more than you already do.

The Ruined King is coming soon, but what is he bringing with him?

1. Each champions abilities have unique features

Just as in League of Legends, each champion will be given a host of abilities with which to explore the Runeterra universe.

Each character will be allotted two Dungeon Skills that will be used to engage in combat and interact with the world around them and its inhabitants.

Some of the puzzles that will become a main feature of the game will require you to have different champions on your party in order to solve them. Need a wall smashed? Braum is your man. An enemy revealed when they’re stealthing? Give Ahri a call. Team composition in Ruined King matters just as much as it does in standard LoL.

Ruined King TrailerStrutting around Runeterra has never looked cooler.

2. Visit some of Runeterra’s most iconic places

Part of the RPG aspect of the game is that Runeterra has been brought to life for players to explore in detail.

Areas such as Bilgewater (the pirate paradise) and the Shadow Isles (the spooky realm beyond the veil) are all accessible to run around and explore as part of the game. As players continue explore they’ll uncover a whole host of treats, puzzles and quests that will help them navigate the game.

NPCs will be available for a chat as well, so we’ll probably see a few familiar faces crop up on our adventures.

Bilgewater LoL Ruined king
Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn’t go amiss in Bilgewater.

3. Same champions, new gameplay

While there are a lot of familiar faces in that trailer that doesn’t mean we know exactly how the work in Riot’s RPG take on the game.

Utilising what Riot refer to as a “turn-based, lane initiative combat system”, champions will each take turns casting their lane, ultimate and instant abilities to defeat their enemy. Riot go on to say that “the system includes a health, mana, an overcharge bar, and a turn order list” to make combat smooth and easily understandable.

Items will be available during combat too, and your champion’s passive ability will have a major impact on how you fight.

Ruined King LoL Dungeon Screenshot
The game is a turn-based RPG.

4. You choose your champion’s path

While in League of Legends a champion’s abilities are largely set, Ruined King lets you level up your champion with the exact stats you want to level.

What’s cool about this is that not only can you have more say in your champion’s ability pathway, but it also lets you band together with friends to create the perfect team composition. No more random Miss Fortune builds or crit Ahris to ruin your day.

Runes play a part here too though, and these will also help determine how you transform your champion.

Miss Fortune Ruined King LoL Screenshot
Which path will you take as Miss Fortune?

5. Runterra has some fun activites

When you’re not slaying dragons and battling your way through the Shadow Isles’ dungeons, there’s a whole host of other features to explore.

You can take side quests, track special quest animals, fish then trade them for money or cook them, try your hand at the Battle Arena or pick up bounty quests on the Bounty Board.

All of these will earn you extra experience, items and rewards and, in some cases, some new lore. League of Legends has always been pretty good at giving their champions insanely detailed backstories, so it’ll be cool to finally be able to find out more.

Ruined King Bounty board LoL
The Bounty Board quests are the perfect way to earn some new rewards.

All in all the Ruin King sounds like an awesome addition to the League of Legends franchise. It paves the way for future LoL based RPGs, especially because Runeterra is such a big place. It would be cool to venture into the sands of Shurima or the icy mountains of the Freljord, but in the mean time drink up me hearties, it’s time to cause some trouble.


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