xQc slams Faker’s $450 Hall of Legends skin but buys it anyway

Meera Jacka
xQc and Faker's Hall of Legends skin

xQc went on a rant against League of Legends for its $450 price tag on Fakers’ Hall of Legends skin, only to buy it anyway.

Since it was first announced, LoL players have been furious over the hefty price tag Riot Games placed on their first Hall of Legends inductee.

With the Immortalized Legend Ahri setting buyers back 59260 RP (around $450), it didn’t take long for players to band together and protest the controversial skin by mass banning the character in-game.

Now, popular streamer xQc has chimed in, slamming the skin while live on Kick… though that didn’t stop him from making the purchase himself.

xQc looking at expensive skin
xQc checking out the expensive $450 skin.

“I’m not making a joke or anything,” the former professional Overwatch player began, before declaring the skin a “legitimate experiment.”

According to xQc, Riot Games was doing “research” in order to “see how much they can get out of people they’ve brainwashed.”

He went on to state that the “brainwashing” had been ongoing for years via “microtransactions”, with this latest skin released to determine “how far they can push the insult to the players.”

“And it’s working!” xQc determined, calling the situation “crazy.” Nonetheless, despite his claims, the streamer still bought the skin.

In a Reddit thread featuring the clip of xQc’s rant, viewers felt split over the purchase, with one person writing, “It just proves all the noise people make is noise and you may as well do the worst monetization possible.”

However, another pointed out, “Yeah but $500 is spare change for him, he’s a top 0.01% rich person, not a regular league player.”

Others focused more on xQc’s actual thoughts on the skin, with multiple people claiming the Immortalized Legend Ahri was not an experiment as the streamer had claimed but in fact “the result”.

“The $500 skin is f***ing cringe, but they chose this pricepoint because they’ve already determined it would maximize profit,” a user wrote. “They’ve done 10+ years of experimenting already.”

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