Twitch is finally enforcing its gambling ban with new policy update

Twitch updates gambling guidlinesTwitch

Twitch has officially begun enforcing its ban on gambling with a new update to the platform’s community guidelines.

After weeks of backlash from some of Twitch’s biggest creators, they announced on September 20 that they would be implementing an update to the platform’s community guidelines to place a ban on gambling.

Set to include sites that contain slots, roulette, and dice games and are unlicensed in the U.S. or other jurisdictions, the initial announcement revealed that sites like,, and more would be included in the next policy update.

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Twitch finally began enforcing the gambling ban with a policy update on October 18, alongside more information regarding the ban.

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Gambling streams, as lucrative as they are, have always been a controversial subject.

Twitch finally enforces gambling ban with new policy

In their latest update to the platforms guidelines, Twitch has revealed more information regarding the previously announced ban on gambling streams

As they previously noted in the initial announcement,,,, and are the first four gambling websites that have been banned from the platform.

However, it’s important to note that they also mention “all associated domains,” which would include variations of those four websites, so would also be banned under these rules.

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The guidelines also note that you can no longer share links or affiliate codes to these sites, and noted three ways to receive a strike on your channel.

  • Share a referral code to a slots site with your chat
  • Include a banner with a link to online roulette games
  • Verbally refer your chat to a site containing dice games

How Twitch will “punish” gambling streamers

Many users have also wondered how Twitch is going to punish streamers who break the new guidelines, which they answered in an accompanying blog post.

“As with all of our policies, your account may receive an enforcement if you stream these prohibited sites,” they explained.

“That said, we know this may be an adjustment for some and will be levering warnings in addition to suspensions in applicable cases in order to be fairer to streamers who may not have understood the change yet.”

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While the list of banned gambling sites may continue to grow, Twitch has yet to place a ban on sports betting, something that Trainwreck has shared his disappointment about in the past.

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