Jack Doherty and bodyguard sued over Halloween assault on Corinna Kopf’s friend

Michael Gwilliam
Jack Doherty and bodyguard with Corinna Kopf

Kick streamer Jack Doherty and his bodyguard are being sued by Corinna Kopf’s friend, Chase Gardella, for an assault that happened at a Halloween party.

Infamous Kick star Jack Doherty went viral back in October after a Halloween party turned violent when his bodyguard punched a man live on stream.

The event, hosted by YouTuber David Dobrik, even had Snoop Dogg providing entertainment – but all anyone could talk about after the party was Doherty’s bodyguard landing a massive punch on one of the attendees.

According to TMZ, the man, identified as Chase Gardella, is taking legal action against the duo and has filed a lawsuit against the streamer and his muscle.

Man sues Jack Doherty for Halloween assault

In documents obtained by TMZ, Gardella alleges that on October 29, he was talking to Jack and his bodyguard, Justin Goslee, also known as Kane Kongg.

Chase claims that Jack told him, “We’re gonna fight. Us two versus you two. Alright, go.” Moments later, he was punched hard by Kongg.

Gardella insists that he never agreed to the fight and suffered head, neck, and face injuries when he fell as a result of the powerful punch. He is suing for assault, battery, negligence, and emotional distress, but the amount he’s suing for is unknown at this time.

“This was a disgusting, unprovoked assault on a young man by a professional boxer at the direction of his social media influencer employer,” Chase’s attorney said. “Chase was minding his own business, enjoying a fun Halloween Party with friends when he was brutally attacked by a man several times larger than him.”

Corinna Kopf responded to news of the lawsuit with a simple laughing emoji, while Jack has denied any wrongdoing.

Jack Doherty responds to lawsuit

“Come on now, we all know I don’t got the ability to beat someone up,” he said in a post on X.

The news comes just days after Jack Doherty found himself going viral after an OnlyFans video of the streamer and his girlfriend was leaked across social media.

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