Corinna Kopf furious after Jack Doherty’s bodyguard punches friend at Halloween party

Meera Jacka
Corinna Kopf furious after Jack Doherty's bodyguard punches friend at Halloween party

Corinna Kopf is furious after a heated conversation with Jack Doherty at a Halloween party resulted in one of her friends being punched by his bodyguard.

David Dobrik’s Friday Halloween party was evidently a huge event, with plenty of recognizable faces and big names in attendance.

Snoop Dogg himself provided entertainment for partygoers who showed up in various costumes. However, the party didn’t go down without a hitch.

A friend of content creator Corinna Kopf’s was left sprawled on the earth after some back and forth with Jack Doherty had his bodyguard throw a punch.

The incident — which was live-streamed on Kick — took place after Doherty allegedly insulted Kopf and called her an “OnlyFans Wh***,” resulting in some of her friends approaching the prank YouTuber to discuss the snub.

However, things quickly escalated after Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg, according to TMZ, came to check on the conversation and a larger group began to form.

In the midst of some back and forth between Kopf and Doherty, Kongg suddenly punched one of Kopf’s friends, knocking him to the ground. Doherty shouted, “Oh no, yo, stop, stop,” as Kongg started to go for a second throw.

“What the f*** is wrong with you? Are you f****** crazy!?” Kopf can be heard exclaiming, as she and another woman attempted to move Kongg away from the situation.

Doherty later shared the clip on Twitter with the caption, “My security just knocked out a guy live on my kick…”

In response, Kopf said, “So unnecessary, punching someone for this conversation is wild.” She also claimed the man Kongg punched was a lawyer and made a second tweet writing only, “That’s assault brother.”

Kongg has yet to publicly speak on the incident, though he has been on the receiving end of criticism online since the clip went viral; “[Bodyguard’s] job is to protect, not to assault others.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the story progresses. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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