Hyper Scape

SypherPK reveals advantage Hyper Scape has over Fortnite & Warzone

Published: 11/Jul/2020 23:25

by Theo Salaun


Popular Twitch streamer, SypherPK, joined CouRageJD and Nadeshot’s podcast to discuss Ubisoft’s new battle royale, Hyper Scape, and how it compares to Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

While SypherPK got his rise in popularity from Fortnite, the streamer has also brought his BR talents to Warzone and, more recently, Hyper Scape. Since CouRageJD and Nadeshot have yet to try the latest title, he broke down exactly why he thinks its unparalleled level of action would entice the two.

Hyper Scape character running
Hyper Scape is extremely fast-paced compared to other battle royales thanks to a plethora of movement abilities.

Nadeshot is best known for an illustrious CoD career, most prominently with OpTic Gaming, that transitioned into content creation with 100 Thieves, but even a former professional can get spooked by Hyper Scape’s daunting speed: “You need to be cracked out of your mind to play this game … the pace of it truly is intimidating to me.”

SypherPK responded by letting him know that, although he had “never played a game that fast-paced,” he “really loved it” and found that it is actually “a very welcoming game, even though it looks intimidating when you watch it.” To better frame the game with comparisons more comfortable to the two 100T podcast hosts, he then contrasted Hyper Scape with Warzone and Fortnite.

First, he broke down how it compares to the hottest BR on the block, Infinity Ward’s newest battle royale title. “I thought Warzone had non-stop action from beginning to end, but Hyper Scape managed to actually, literally have non-stop action from the beginning of the match to the very end. It’s more action-packed than Warzone, which is extremely hard to pull off.”

Then, in relation to the game that he and CouRageJD built their streaming careers on, he opined that although the CoD game’s pace of play is a tier below Hyper Scape, Fortnite’s may be a tier, or even a few tiers, lower: “Fortnite is ResidentSleeper right now, in terms of the amount of action in a single match.“

Hyper Scape has abilities, or hacks, like Slam and Teleport, as well as features like jump pads that help make this game incredibly movement-based in a fashion that encourages verticality. Given that high level of mobility, a more apt comparison may have been to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends—which grants players faster sprinting and more climbing versatility than either Warzone or Fortnite. But SypherPK has also fragged out in Apex, so it means something when he commends the pace of Ubisoft’s BR.

The Hyper Scape closed beta Technical Test is over, but a week of gameplay showed a tremendous amount of promise for a title with enough pace that it may be able to carve out a niche in the BR space.

The next date interested fans should notch on their calendars is July 12, when the Ubisoft Forward event will take place and more information should be revealed about Hyper Scape’s future plans.

Apex Legends

Funny Apex Legends easter egg found in Hyper Scape

Published: 10/Sep/2020 12:13

by Jacob Hale


Hawk-eyed Hyper Scape players have discovered a funny Apex Legends easter egg in Ubisoft’s latest entry to the battle royale genre, Hyperscape.

Hyperscape released on July 12, 2020, capitalizing on the booming battle royale market since the likes of Fortnite, Apex and Warzone took over the gaming world.

While it may not have yet reached the dizzying heights of the aforementioned games, players are still having a lot of fun with its unique take on the genre, notable for its integration with Twitch that allows viewers to affect the outcome of a match.

Hyper Scape players on roof
Hyper Scape has been somewhat of a success for Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape and Apex are somewhat similar in their futuristic gameplay and action, and although most players have picked a side by this point, Ubisoft has left a little message in the game to Apex players and a nod to their competition over at Respawn.

If you’re an Apex Legends player, you’ll know the incredibly frustrating call of “Mozambique here,” the game trolling you as it tries to convince you to take the Mozambique shotgun.

Obviously, the Mozambique is one of the least popular weapons in the game. It’s not very powerful and is just about the last weapon you want to have to carry after you land — and it looks like that’s something the Hyper Scape developers are well aware of.

While traversing Hyper Scape’s Neo Arcadia map, Redditor imBrettValentine found a little note perched on a desk with just two words written on it: “Mozambique here!”

Mozambique Here ! (Found in Hyperscape) from r/apexlegends

Obviously, there is no Mozambique shotgun in Hyper Scape, so is clearly a nod to its competitor — and is a pretty funny one at that.

For players who have made Hyper Scape their main game, this might have triggered some unwanted flashbacks, but it does raise the question of whether there are even more undiscovered easter eggs in the game.