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Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape devs exploring “critical” TTK changes ahead of release

Published: 6/Jul/2020 19:52

by Alan Bernal


Hyper Scape’s Technical Test has given the Ubisoft developers more insight on the time to kill (TTK) average in the battle royale, and they could be looking to implement some changes soon.

The studio’s take on the popular king of the hill genre has piqued the interests of many players looking to experiment with a new title. Hyper Scape is a fast-paced shooter that demands precision aim and movement to successfully navigate Neo Arcadia.


However, people are finding that the TTK doesn’t quite add up with the rest of the action that can unfold. Even a surprise attack using guns at lower levels takes too long to kill, giving the other player a potential window to strike back due to the game’s advanced mobility.

“Any plans on possibly lowering the TTK on low fuse or unfused weapons, so players stand a chance against players with fully fused arsenals?” user ‘ZEFAGrimmsAlt’ asked during the Hyper Scape dev’s recent AMA.

The time to kill in Hyper Scape is long when having a gun at a lower level.

The forum was filled with queries about the state of Hyper Scape as it pertains to the beta and where the devs are looking to improve the game. In that vein, Hyper Scape Game Director Thomas Simon responded with how Ubisoft will be looking at things such as TTK when it comes to general balances for their shooter.

“We know that TTK is always a big topic, and it is always a critical part of our balancing process,” he said. “One of the big design goals of this Technical Test was to get good data and feedback on this so we can look at its overall balance.”

It will be interesting to see how the devs go about balancing weapons that haven’t been fused so they could at least make a dent when trying to take down a team.

via Reddit
Ubisoft will look at the state of TTK with new info from the Hyper Scape test.

At the moment, there’s a ton of space and tools to let people maneuver around the different sectors in Hyper Scape. While this isn’t a bad thing, players who have to swap out their stacked weapon to a basic gun can immediately feel the difference.

This could be something that the devs look into to make weapons at all levels feel more impactful as the newest BR on the block continues to grow out of its early Technical Test phase.

Apex Legends

Funny Apex Legends easter egg found in Hyper Scape

Published: 10/Sep/2020 12:13

by Jacob Hale


Hawk-eyed Hyper Scape players have discovered a funny Apex Legends easter egg in Ubisoft’s latest entry to the battle royale genre, Hyperscape.

Hyperscape released on July 12, 2020, capitalizing on the booming battle royale market since the likes of Fortnite, Apex and Warzone took over the gaming world.


While it may not have yet reached the dizzying heights of the aforementioned games, players are still having a lot of fun with its unique take on the genre, notable for its integration with Twitch that allows viewers to affect the outcome of a match.

Hyper Scape players on roof
Hyper Scape has been somewhat of a success for Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape and Apex are somewhat similar in their futuristic gameplay and action, and although most players have picked a side by this point, Ubisoft has left a little message in the game to Apex players and a nod to their competition over at Respawn.


If you’re an Apex Legends player, you’ll know the incredibly frustrating call of “Mozambique here,” the game trolling you as it tries to convince you to take the Mozambique shotgun.

Obviously, the Mozambique is one of the least popular weapons in the game. It’s not very powerful and is just about the last weapon you want to have to carry after you land — and it looks like that’s something the Hyper Scape developers are well aware of.

While traversing Hyper Scape’s Neo Arcadia map, Redditor imBrettValentine found a little note perched on a desk with just two words written on it: “Mozambique here!”


Mozambique Here ! (Found in Hyperscape) from r/apexlegends

Obviously, there is no Mozambique shotgun in Hyper Scape, so is clearly a nod to its competitor — and is a pretty funny one at that.

For players who have made Hyper Scape their main game, this might have triggered some unwanted flashbacks, but it does raise the question of whether there are even more undiscovered easter eggs in the game.