Honkai Star Rail players slam “underwhelming” Boulder Town: Super League event

Carver Fisher
Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town event underwhelming players

Honkai Star Rail’s first limited time event has arrived, giving players the opportunity to duke it out against some tough enemies in the Boulder Town: Super League. Unfortunately, players aren’t impressed with the rewards for completing the event.

When it comes to a live service game like Honkai Star Rail, releasing engaging events is a key part of keeping players involved and logging in every day.

Honkai Star Rail players were excited to see what HoYoverse had in store for limited-time events considering the game’s launch was so well received, but the Boulder Town: Super League event has been “underwhelming” in the eyes of many players.

According to Genshin Impact players, this is pretty similar to how events have been rolled out in HoYoverse’s other titles.

Honkai Star Rail players left disappointed by first event

While Honkai Star Rail has had its fair share of events tied to signing up and logging into the game when it launched, the Boulder Town: Super League is the first seasonal event that adds some content.

Players are pitted against randomized opponents in a multi-round format that sees them fighting through progressively tougher opponents, gaining random bonuses along the way that help them overcome tough foes.

And, while players don’t seem too disappointed by the amount of content contained within the event itself, they aren’t very happy with the rewards for completing the event.

This sparked a debate between Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail players, with Genshin players claiming that this is likely what Trailblazers are in for if Genshin is anything to go off of.

One redditor wished Honkai Star Rail players the best, hoping that the year 1 anniversary is an improvement over Genshin Impact. “I just hope HSR’s first birthday isn’t the s***show Genshin’s was… Having been there for that, I genuinely hope they give this game better.”

The event only gives players 600 Stellar Jade for their efforts, enough for 3 rolls and some change. Players aren’t happy with how much effort it requires for them to get some fairly small rewards.

And, while some players are enjoying the challenge the event provides, others are more concerned with the rewards than the process of getting them.

Fortunately, there are ways to earn Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes fast. But, even then, there’s only so much content in the game that gives players free Stellar Jade. Players are hoping that HoYoverse is a bit more generous with their event rewards in the future.

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