Helldivers 2 dev promises reward system overhaul after Major Order error

Brianna Reeves
helldivers 2 reward system

Helldivers 2’s reward system will receive an overhaul at some point in the future, according to comments from a developer.

The Helldivers sequel’s reward system recently suffered a bit of snafu as players failed to receive their earned medal payouts from completed Major Orders. It didn’t take long for developer Arrowhead to implement a fix that guaranteed everyone got the medals they were owed.

However, the delayed payments also ignited questions about the effectiveness of the system as a whole. While addressing the payment glitch, one developer announced that a complete overhaul is in the works.

In confirming that delayed medal payouts would be resolved on April 10, Arrowhead’s Community Manager – who goes by Twinbeard – informed the Discord community about the planned rewards rework.

The developer wrote in part (via GamesRadar), “We will also do an overhaul in the future of the system handling these requests, as it’s frankly about as reliable as a solar-powered watch in Malevelon Creek.”

Twinbeard clarified in a subsequent post that the unspecified changes will alter Helldivers 2‘s reward system – not the medal currency. Presumably, this means the future update will improve how Major Order rewards are delivered.

The particulars of what will change and when present remain under wraps. But the hope is that players can at least look forward to a day when Major Order rewards get deposited on time.