Snip3down retires from Halo Infinite, but he’s not done with esports

Andrew Amos
Snip3down went from Halo Infinite to TSM Apex Legends

Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is hanging up the headset in Halo Infinite, retiring after an illustrious 15 year career in the esport. However he isn’t ready to leave gaming just yet, hinting at his future as Apex Legends rumors swirl.

Snip3down is one of Halo esports’ most storied players. Dozens of tournament wins over 15 years and a career of dominance at the top of the arena shooter has given him a legendary aura in the scene.

However he’s finally giving it all up, announcing his retirement following a Top 8 run with eUnited at the HCS Championship 2022.

“I didn’t plan on being here, talking about retirement,” he said in an October 25 video. “It’s such a strange concept. It’s been a rollercoaster ⁠— seeing the ups and the downs, full circle. It’s been a long journey, but I’m happy with how it’s gone, I’m happy with who I’ve become through Halo.

“I’m going on a note I can look back on and be proud of.”

Snip3down reminisced on his fondest memories in Halo, from playing with Str8 Rippin and Evil Geniuses to even just picking up the game in 2002 with “big pool parties” and LANs with friends.

Floating around from team to team for the majority of his career did take its toll though: “It made it more difficult for me to love it as much. I still loved competing and I was passionate for the wins, but it was a different team dynamic at that point. 

“In 12, 13 years of competing in Halo, I had four years of close relationships, five years maybe. It puts a different perspective on the team environment, and makes you realize how important those relationships are.”

A few rocky releases with Halo Reach and Halo 4 tested his love for the game ⁠— even moving over to Call of Duty ⁠— but nothing really clicked the same again. What didn’t die though was his love of esports and competing, and that’s where his future lies.

“Competition fueled me the most. I’ve played sports my whole life. Growing up I loved every second I played soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, football. I learned which ones I liked and which one I didn’t. Breaking my arm while playing football threw me head first into video games.

“I have never truly felt as passionate about something as competing and gaming, so regardless of whether I was going to compete or not, it was going to be here in this industry. I love it here.”

This teaser comes amid rumors of Snip3down returning to compete in Apex Legends full-time, joining forces with Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith and ‘SlurpeeG’. While not confirmed, there’s been hints the trio could be signed by FaZe Clan ahead of ALGS Year 3 starting in November.

He’ll be leaving behind a big part of his life, but the future’s still bright: “I feel like I’m exiting my childhood. It’s this step of what’s next. There’s no latching on. It’s like alright, where are we headed? You know what they say, one door closes…”

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