OpTic beats Cloud9 to win Halo Infinite World Championship 2022: Final results

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OpTic winning Halo Champs

The $1m Halo Infinite World Championship 2022 event is now in the books as OpTic Gaming battled back in the grand finals to win the trophy over Cloud9. If you missed any of the action across the four-day event, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

The biggest Halo tournament of the year is now in the rearview mirror. The 2022 Halo World Championship is all said and done as the world’s best teams battled it out for ultimate bragging rights and a hefty $1 million prize pool.

On the back of OpTic’s dominant showing at Orlando, the likes of Cloud9, Sentinels, FaZe, and many others were looking to tear down the Green Wall and etch their spot in the history books with the biggest win of the year. Try as they did, however, none could accomplish the task. OpTic swept every series in the winner’s bracket before winning the second best of seven series against Cloud9 in the Grand Finals.

If you’re looking to catch up on results, we’ve got you covered below with everything there is to know about the Halo World Championship event.

HCS Halo World Championship 2022: Schedule & Results

October 22-24

October 22 to October 24 sees the latter rounds commence. Championship Sunday kicks off with Lower Bracket Quarter Finals, before OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 go head to head in a mouthwatering Grand Final.

Upper Bracket QFOpTic Gaming 3-0 Gamers First12pm3pm8pm
Upper Bracket QFSentinels 3-0 G2 Esports12pm3pm8pm
Upper Bracket QFFaZe Clan 3-2 eUnited1:30pm4:30pm9:30pm
Upper Bracket QFCloud9 2-3 Native Gaming Red1:30pm4:30pm9:30pm
Lower Bracket R1Fnatic 3-2 Gamers First3pm6pm11pm
Lower Bracket R1Oxygen Esports 3-2 G23pm6pm11pm
Lower Bracket R1JLINGZ esports 0-3 eUnited4:30pm7:30pm12:30am
Lower Bracket R1Acend 0-3 Cloud94:30pm7:30pm12:30am
Upper Bracket SFOpTic Gaming 3-0 Sentinels6pm9pm2am
Lower Bracket R2Fnatic 1-3 Oxygen Esports6pm9pm2am
Upper Bracket SFFaZe Clan 2-3 Native Gaming Red7:30pm10:30pm3:30am
Lower Bracket R2eUnited 0-3 Cloud97:30pm10:30pm3:30am
Lower Bracket QFOxygen Esports 0-3 FaZe Clan12pm3pm8pm
Lower Bracket QFSentinels 0-3 Cloud912pm3pm8pm
Lower Bracket SFFaZe Clan 1-3 Cloud91:30pm4:30pm9:30pm
Upper Bracket FinalOpTic Gaming 3-0 Native Gaming Red3pm6pm11pm
Lower Bracket FinalCloud9 3-0 Native Gaming Red4:30pm7:30pm12:30am
Grand Final (First bo7)OpTic Gaming 1-4 Cloud96pm9pm2am
Grand Final (Bracket Reset)OpTic Gaming 4-0 Cloud 97pm10pm3am

HCS Halo World Championship 2022: Groups

The Group Stage is now complete, with OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and Sentinels all topping their respective groups when it wrapped on October 22.

Elsewhere, it was disappointment for NaVi, TSS, Complexity, and Team WaR, all of whom failed to progress after losing all three of their pool play groups.

Group A

1OpTic Gaming3-0
2Native Gaming2-1
3Oxygen Esports1-2
4Complexity Gaming0-3

Group B

2Gamers First2-1
3JLINGZ esports1-2
4Team WaR0-3

Group C

1FaZe Clan3-0
2G2 Esports2-1
4TSS Esports0-3

Group D

4Natus Vincere0-3

HCS Halo World Championship 2022: Format

While Majors all retained the same format throughout the year, things were a little different at Champs. Brand new to the final event of 2022 was the Play-In stage. Here, teams from around the world wee given another chance in order to “guarantee global representation,” as Tashi recently explained.

The top two teams from each HCS region (North America, Europe, Mexico, & Australia and New Zealand) that didn’t place in the Top 12 at Orlando were granted another chance in this Worlds Play-In Stage. At the conclusion of a double-elimination bracket, the top four squads punched their ticket to the Group Stage.

Speaking of, the Group Stage then followed as 16 teams were split into four batches before competing in a single round robin. From here, the fourth-place team in each group was knocked out while the top three advancde. All matches were best of five.

Next came the final Bracket Stage of the event, as the remaining 12 teams were dropped into a double-elimination bracket. The better their placing in the Group Stage, the better their seeding into the bracket. Once again, all matches were best of five except for the Grand Final which bumped to a best of seven.

HCS Halo World Championship 2022: Stream

The Halo World Championship event got underway at 12PM PT Thursday, October 20 and ran through until Sunday, October 23.

As always, matches were on display across four separate broadcasts. Games were split among the main Halo Twitch channel along with HCS, HCS Red, and HCS Blue.

HCS Halo World Championship 2022: Teams & Players

OpTic GamingaPG, FormaL, Lucid, Trippy
Gamers Firstbubu dubu, PreDevoNatoR, Squalleye, Swish
SentinelsFrosty, LethuL, Royal2, Snakebite
Cloud9Bound, Eco, Penguin, StelluR
eUnitedRayne, RyaNoob, Snip3down, Suspector
G2 EsportsBarcode, Gilkey, Sabinater, Str8 Sick
Native RedDruk, Manny, SoulSnipe, Taulek
FaZe ClanFalcated, KingNick, Renegade, Spartan
Natus VincereJimbo, Kimbo, Mighty, Snakey
Oxygen EsportsBoamx, Kuhlect, Nemassist, TritoN
Team WaREnvore, Hysteria, Rammyy, tonisun
TSS EsportsAce, Huss, Mortally, SuperCC
Fnatic (Play-In)Arctic, Juziro, Sceptify, Suppressed
Complexity Gaming (Play-In)CyKul, MoNsTcR, Neuronical, Vetra
Acend (Play-In)Lqgend, Respectful, Sica, Snipedrone
JLINGZ esports (Play-In)Morguh, Phlux, Quadios, SeptiQ
Spacestation (Play-In)Atzo, Drift, Nugget, Tapping Buttons
Team Cruelty (Play-In)DragoniaK, Goriloco, Noblc, Rinnegan
Chiefs Esports Club (Play-In)Beastn, BZIIRK, Madsy, Slayz
Divine Mind (Play-In)Pipz, Plasma, Rated, Swayz

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