Snip3down claims 343 Industries ‘rolled their eyes’ at his Halo Infinite feedback

Eleni Thomas
Snip3down went from Halo Infinite to TSM Apex LegendsHCS

Snip3down explained why his experience with 343 was such a negative one and how the gaming devs weren’t interested in listening to his feedback about Halo Infinite.

In a recent Twitch stream, veteran Halo star Snipe3down discussed Halo Infinite and how devs at 343 were less than receptive to his feedback when he was asked to come in and discuss the game.

The content creator referenced the chain and dynamics of power as being the biggest issue he faced when trying to explain his point of view to the dev team.

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“This is my issue when I did stuff with 343. It’s all the chain ladder”, adding that “your opinion means nothing to the person” above you or in a more influential position, he explained.

Snip3down then went on to explain that the people he spoke to at 343 were not only unwilling to listen to his comments, but they were also rude and standoffish.

“I went there to give my opinion. I played thousands and thousands of hours and I got their f***ing eyes rolled in my face. For giving my opinion on a change that they made. And it was like I was an idiot. I have so many more hours than you, you’re a piece of s**t.”

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After this experience, Snip3down explained how he now “refuses to be a part of” Halo Infinite’s development process and that he told 343 that he “will not come back.”

This encounter happened prior to Snip3down’s retirement from Halo, as the streaming sensation pivoted back to Apex Legends once again after a Top 8 finish at the HCS World Championship event with eUnited.

Halo Infinite’s launch was a less-than-smooth process, with many big features and game modes missing for almost a year. Now with the recent Winter update, the game has finally brought in Forge and with it, some renewed interest in the game.

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