Halo Infinite players “outraged” at Season 2 changes to weapons and movement

spartans in halo infinite season 2 cover art343 Industries

The Lone Wolves Season 2 update has arrived in Halo Infinite and its new game modes, Battle Pass, events, and fixes don’t seem to have been enough to sway fans who are unhappy with the game.

Halo Infinite Season 2 took a while to release with a huge gap of 6 months separating Season 1 and Season 2. But now, the ‘Lone Wolves’ update is here and it’s injected a new lease of life into the game.

343 have attempted to address many of the bugs and issues to get the game back on track. However, the likes of NICKMERCS believe Halo Infinite has “flopped” and many people think that it’s missed a trick by not having a battle royale mode on release.

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Season 2’s debut hasn’t been warmly embraced as 343 might’ve hoped though, as it’s clear that the game’s playerbase is displeased.

halo infinite spartan players standing in a line343 Industries
Most players seem to be united in their disappointment.

Halo Infinite Season 2 being fed to the wolves

Starting May 3 and ending on November 7 to make way for Halo Infinite Season 3, Lone Wolves has added a bunch of new content with even more planned between now and the end of the season.

But the Halo Infinite Season 2 Launch Discussion thread on Reddit has drummed up a ton of criticism and dislike towards several elements of the new season.

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Several glaring issues have been pointed out with Season 2 such as implementing free-for-all challenges, but not actually having a free-for-all playlist available from the start and Rumble Pit / Last Man Standing not contributing.

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“Currently experiencing this. Imagine being a 343i game developer. This is your entire job, yet you still miss hilariously obvious s**t like this. I don’t know what I expected from them but honestly, it should have been this,” one player said.

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new halo infinite catalyst map343 Industries
Is Catalyst going to be enough to sustain excitement?

There are reports of challenges not unlocking when they’re supposed to, crashing issues on PC, and fans have also criticized player movement: “SO they nerfed sliding and jumping…when absolutely no one wanted that? WHY??”

Many players have noticed that Halo’s legendary Battle Rifle is now behaving differently too: “Can we please globally outrage at how f**king stupid these inconsistent changes to balance are? Why does the BR (Battle Rifle) have different damage in different modes? Stop putting asterisks on everything dude it ain’t hard.”

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Finally, one player aired their concerns about the quantity of content in Season 2 and how it risks alienating even more of its player base: “The reason the game died down so quickly was because the first season was way too long with barely any content. Making the second season another six months with only two new maps and a couple of extra game modes is not too reassuring, even with that roadmap.”

343 will likely understand that player retention is going to be key in 2022 and it will be interesting to see how the devs respond to these complaints.

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