MoistCr1TiKal’s near-impossible $20K Halo 2 deathless LASO challenge beaten in two weeks

Brad Norton
Halo 2 artwork

Just two weeks after YouTube star MoistCr1TiKal issued a $20K bounty, Twitch streamer ‘JerValiN’ has made history as the first person to complete Halo 2’s infamous LASO challenge without dying.

One of the most difficult challenges in gaming history has finally been accomplished — 18 years since its release, a flawless LASO run in Halo 2 has now been ticked off.

Long considered impossible, the deathless LASO challenge involves playing through Halo 2’s campaign on the highest difficulty setting with every Skull modifier active, all without dying even once throughout the game’s 15-story missions.

With 15 Skulls in total, these effects give enemies permanent cloaks, make them far more lethal, limit your ammo, remove HUD elements, and overwhelmingly stack the odds against you.

Spurring players on after almost two decades without a successful run, MoistCr1TiKal put a $20,000 bounty on the challenge on July 20. Now just 15 days removed, Twitch streamer JerValiN has etched his name in the Halo history books.

After six hours, 29 minutes, and 44 seconds of intense focus, the Twitch streamer finally reached the credits of Halo 2 while meeting all of the requirements. They had successfully cleared the entire game with all Skulls in effect, without dying even once.

From precise vehicle combat to perfect pathing through on-foot sequences, JerValiN mastered every aspect of the game and executed flawlessly to get it done.

As soon as the timer stopped ticking, the streamer’s family rushed into the room screaming in celebration. “Oh my God you did it,” they yelled before hugging him and basking in the moment.

Between his channel and MoistCr1TiKal watching along live, almost 50,000 were tuned in to the historic moment.

Even though he streamed the whole thing, he was still more than willing to send his recording over and have it be scrutinized by the YouTuber’s team for any cheats or illegal strategies. “I shouldn’t be exempt from your editors checking it out,” he said.

However the YouTuber appeared more than satisfied with the run. “I’ve never been so happy to lose 20 grand,” he joked on stream. “That is so f***ing huge, 18 years in the making. You know how many people said my challenge is actually impossible?”

If the flawless LASO run wasn’t enough of a rush, JerValiN is seemingly eyeing up yet another challenge to take things one step further. Before MoistCr1TiKal issued his bounty, JerValiN was supposedly putting together a ‘Goliath’ task.

This challenge involves all the same Skulls along with the flawless requirement, but adds the extra difficulty of doing it “without shooting,” Moist explained. “He’s the only one that’s even attempted it.”

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