Twitch streamer uses mind control to kill Valorant and Halo enemies

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A Twitch streamer, Perrikaryal, is using mind control to kill enemies in Valorant and Halo, all after beating Elden Ring in the same manner. 

Back in April, Perrikaryal possibly became the only person in the world to beat Elden Rings hands-free using mind control. Using an EEG strapped onto her head, she painstakingly spent months finishing the game. 

Now the psychology researcher and Twitch streamer is using the same EEG, plus an eye tracker to aim, to legitimately kill enemies in Halo and Valorant using her mind. 

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As explained on her stream, she has a gyro strapped to her head to move her character. The EEG strapped to her head is responsible for the shooting. Whenever it records brain activity, it shoots.

And now that she is now attempting FPS games, she now needs to aim. Adding an eye tracker to allow her to aim, meaning she can play Halo and Valorant hands-free, albeit with limited capabilities. 

And in the clips she posted, despite the incredibly limited movement, aiming, and timing, she was able to several enemies on stream using legitimate mind control. 

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Her performances added together, she managed to get four kills in Halo, four kills in Valorant, and five kills in Overwatch 2

Despite the incredible feat, Perrikaryal said there were still improvements to be made. Saying to Kotaku, “There is still so much to improve and add.”

“I still don’t have a full controller working—only four working [data] visualizations, which means four working button keybinds. I can only really, in practice, have two-to-three of those running at any one time; otherwise, the EEG gets confused”

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She said that she wants to create a “hands-free controller all-encompassing (all buttons and triggers accessible).” Revealing to Kotaku that she has been working with a few labs and research groups to integrate other biosignals, such as blood pressure muscle contracting. 

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