Mind-blowing Stranger Things Upside Down remake is best Halo Forge creation yet

Zackerie Fairfax
halo infinite forge

A highly-skilled Halo Forge builder has brought Master Chief to the Upside Down from Stranger Things in what is one of the best custom maps yet.

While absent at launch, players have eagerly awaited Halo Infinite’s Forge mode for the past several months. This is a mode that allows players to create their own custom maps to show off their building skills or to better fit their own game modes.

Infinite Forges is one such builder who is known in the Halo community for building some pretty impressive maps. Before Halo Infinite was released, they built portions of Zeta Halo to give players “early access” to the next-gen title.

Now, the talented builder has created one of the most terrifying yet jaw-dropping Forge maps yet. Master Chief may have conquered several Halos, but he’s never been to a place like this.

Stranger Things comes to Halo Infinite thanks to Forge

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode was recently released to select players to test out the suite of tools and assets 343 Industries has developed. And builders have already hit the ground running with their ideas.

On August 7, Infinite Forges posted a teaser video on Twitter showing off their latest project. The post was captioned, “I forged the Upside Down…😈 Enjoy.”

The footage shows a spartan walking threw the tendril-strewn hallways of an Upside Down version of a Banished facility. A body can be seen stuck to one of the walls as the player walks toward an eerily lit room.

All the while, the ticking clock and distorted bell sound effect (edited into the footage in post) are reminiscent of the iconic foreboding sounds of Stranger Things 4.

Sadly, with Forge being an exclusive mode at the time of writing, players aren’t able to explore Infinite Forge’s version of the Upside Down just yet.

Hopefully, players will be able to create and share their own maps soon… or at least before the release of Stranger Things 5.

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