OpTic dominates $250K HCS Orlando Major 2022: Final results

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HCS Orlando OpTic on stage

After nearly five months, another Halo Infinite Major was finally in the cards with the HCS Orlando Major. Following the lengthy break, OpTic Gaming came out in top form, tearing through Groups before dominating the Championship Bracket, losing just four maps throughout the entire event. Here’s a full recap of how the $250,000 event played out.

  • First Major since Kansas City in April.
  • OpTic dominated the penultimate LAN event of 2022.
  • $250,000 USD prize pool.

Five months since the last big HCS LAN event and we finally had another Major in the first full year of the Halo Infinite cycle. Rosters were shaken up, organizations departed the scene, and GAs were still all the talk. But it was finally time to crown a new champion after an extended wait and OpTic was quick to take the throne.

Squads from four distinct regions flew into Orlando to push through the Open Bracket, Group Stage, and eventually, the Championship Bracket. But it was ultimately the Green Wall that proved stronger than the rest.

HCS Orlando Major: Final Placements (Top 12)

1stOpTic Gaming$140,000
3rdFaZe Clan$42,000
Top 6G2 Esports$11,000
Top 6eUnited$11,000
Top 8Oxygen Esports$7,000
Top 8Gamers First$7,000
Top 12Natus Vincere$3,150
Top 12Team WaR$3,150
Top 12Native Red$3,150
Top 12TSS Esports$3,150

HCS Orlando Major: Results

Friday, September 23 (Group Stage)

A Stream

Group AOpTic 3-0 Acend
Group DeUnited 3-0 Spacestation
Group BG1 3-0 Quadrant
Group CSentinels 3-0 G2 Esports
Group AOpTic 3-2 FaZe
Group DCloud9 1-3 eUnited

B Stream

Group BG1 3-2 N8V Red
Group CSentinels 3-1 NAVI
Group AFaZe 3-0 Acend
Group DCloud9 3-0 Spacestation
Group BN8V Red 2-3 Quadrant
Group CG2 Esports 3-1 NAVI

C Stream

Group AFaZe 3-0 Chiefs
Group DCloud9 3-0 JLINGZ
Group AOpTic 3-0 Chiefs
Group DeUnited 3-1 JLINGZ
Group AAcend 3-0 Chiefs
Group DJLINGZ 3-1 Spacestation

D Stream

Group BQuadrant 3-0 Cintanegra
Group CG2 Esports 3-0 Cruelty
Group BN8V Red 3-0 Cintanegra
Group CNAVI 3-0 Cruelty
Group BG1 3-0 Cintanegra
Group CSentinels 3-0 Cruelty

Saturday, September 24 (Group Stage & Championship Bracket)

Group AChiefs 0-3 Fnatic
Group AAcend 3-1 Fnatic
Group AFaZe 3-0 Fnatic
Group AOpTic 3-0 Fnatic
Group BCintanegra 0-3 Oxygen
Group BN8V Red 3-2 Oxygen
Group BQuadrant 0-3 Oxygen
Group BG1 3-0 Oxygen
Group CCruelty 0-3 TSS Esports
Group CNAVI 3-1 TSS Esports
Group CG2 3-0 TSS Esports
Group CSentinels 3-0 TSS Esports
Group DSpacestation 3-0 Falling Esports
Group DJLINGZ 3-1 Falling Esports
Group DCloud9 3-0 Falling Esports
Group DeUnited 3-0 Falling Esports
Winners BracketOpTic 3-0 Oxygen
Winners BracketeUnited 3-0 G2 Esports
Winners BracketSentinels 1-3 Cloud9
Winners BracketG1 1-3 FaZe
Winners BracketOpTic 3-1 eUnited
Winners BracketCloud9 1-3 FaZe
Losers BracketChiefs 2-3 Proton Gaming
Losers BracketFalling Esports 0-3 Team WaR
Losers BracketCruelty 0-3 Complexity
Losers BracketCintanegra 0-3 Anime Demons
Losers BracketSpacestation 3-2 Proton Gaming
Losers BracketQuadrant 2-3 Team WaR
Losers BracketFnatic 3-1 Complexity
Losers BracketTSS Esports 3-0 Anime Demons
Losers BracketNAVI 3-0 Spacestation
Losers BracketAcend 1-3 Team WaR
Losers BracketN8V Red 3-0 Fnatic
Losers BracketJLINGZ 0-3 TSS Esports
Losers BracketOxygen 3-2 NAVI
Losers BracketG2 Esports 3-0 Team WaR
Losers BracketSentinels 3-0 N8V Red
Losers BracketG1 3-0 TSS Esports

Sunday, September 25 (Championship Bracket)

Winners Bracket FinalsOpTic 3-0 FaZe
Losers BracketOxygen 2-3 G2 Esports
Losers BracketSentinels 3-2 G1
Losers BracketCloud9 3-0 G2 Esports
Losers BracketeUnited 2-3 Sentinels
Losers BracketCloud9 3-0 Sentinels
Losers Bracket FinalsFaZe 1-3 Cloud9
Grand FinalsOpTic 4-1 Cloud9

HCS Orlando Major: Streams

The HCS Orlando Major kicked off at 9AM PT | 12PM ET on Friday, September 23 and ran late into the evening with the final matches starting at 4:30PM PT | 7:30PM ET. Both Saturday and Championship Sunday began at the same times and followed a similar schedule.

As always, games featured across four separate broadcasts. Most of the action could be followed on the main Halo Twitch channel, while various other matchups were shown on HCS, HCS Red, and HCS Blue.

HCS Orlando Major: Format

Keeping in line with the typical HCS LAN event format, the Orlando Major was split into multiple stages. At the lowest rung was the Open Bracket where dozens of teams battled in an enormous double-elimination bracket. Their goal was to reach the top eight and in doing so, earn a spot in the next stages. The top four advanced through the Group Stage while the remaining four advanced straight to the Championship Bracket.

In the Group Stage, 20 teams competed for seeding. The better they placed in their respective group, the better starting position they had in the Championship Bracket, at least on paper.

Finally, it all culminated in the Championship Bracket with 24 teams going head to head in a double-elimination tournament. All games were best of five except for the Grand Final series which was best of seven.

Of note for Orlando, the top 12 teams in the Championship bracket secured a spot at the $1m Halo World Championship event in October.

HCS Orlando Major: Teams

OpTic GamingaPG, FormaL, Lucid, Trippy
Gamers Firstbubu dubu, PreDevoNatoR, Squalleye, Swish
SentinelsFrosty, LethuL, Royal2, Snakebite
Cloud9Bound, Eco, Penguin, StelluR
eUnitedRayne, RyaNoob, Snip3down, Suspector
G2 EsportsBarcode, Gilkey, Sabinater, Str8 Sick
Native RedDruk, Manny, SoulSnipe, Taulek
FaZe ClanFalcated, KingNick, Renegade, Spartan
AcendLqgend, Respectful, Sica, Snipedrone
QuadrantNurix, Shad, SLG, TchiK
Natus VincereJimbo, Kimbo, Mighty, Snakey
JLINGZ esportsMorguh, Phlux, Quad, SeptiQ
Spacestation Atzo, Drift, Pelu, Tapping Buttons
Team CrueltyDragoniaK, Goriloco, Noblc, Rinnegan
CintaNegra EsportsBorgi, Kroonoe, Not Jerry, SSTomm
Chiefs Esports ClubBeastn, BZIIRK, Madsy, Slayz

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