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With the 2022 HCS season now in the books, it’s time for rostermania. As the HCS offseason unfolds, we’ll keep you up to date right here with all the latest team changes heading into the 2023 season.

At the end of Halo Infinite’s first professional season of play, it was the Green Wall that stood tall as OpTic Gaming found their form and closed out a dominant HCS World Championship win.

With this epic conclusion now in the rearview mirror, however, it’s time we shift our sights to the explosive offseason. Already we’ve seen players parting ways with top teams and organizations dropping entire rosters, making for one of the more unpredictable shakeups in recent years.

So to keep on top of every change as it occurs, we’ve got you covered here with a complete overview of the latest HCS 2023 rostermania news.

HCS Orlando OpTic on stage
OpTic walked away with a Major win and a World Championship in the 2022 season.

Current HCS 2023 rosters

Below is a look at every current HCS lineup as it stands in the 2022-2023 offseason.

TeamStarting lineupCoach
OpTic GamingLucid, Trippy, FormaL, aPGLunchbox
FaZe ClanRenegade, Frosty, Royal2, SnakeBiteRoyal 1
SentinelsLethul, Kuhlect, KingNick, Spartan
G2 Esports
NaviJimbo, Kimbo, Mighty, SnakeyWonderboy
Spacestation GamingBound, Eco, Penguin, StelluR
Native Gaming WhiteMikwen, Barcode, Gilkey, TappingButtons
Oxygen Esports
Gamers FirstPreDovoNatoR, bubu dubu, TBAEli the NINjA
JLINGZ esportsMorguh, Quad, Robs1n, TBAMorguhh12
Complexity GamingVetra, MoNsTcR, CyKul, NeuronicalMikren
Team WaRHysteria, TBA
Shopify RebellionMentaL, Rayne, RyaNoob, KarmeaBestman
QuadrantSLG, TchiK, Lqgend, SicaTyler

Latest HCS 2023 Rostermania updates

January 26

  • Lqgend F/A → Quadrant
  • Sica F/A → Quadrant

January 22

  • Mikwen F/A → Native Gaming White
  • Barcode F/A → Native Gaming White
  • Gilkey F/A → Native Gaming White
  • TappingButtons F/A → Native Gaming White

January 15

  • Snipedrone Acend → F/A
  • Respectful Acend → F/A
  • Sica Acend → F/A
  • Lqgend Acend → F/A

January 13

  • Kuhlect FaZe Clan → Sentinels
  • Spartan FaZe Clan → Sentinels
  • KingNick FaZe Clan → Sentinels
  • Royal2 Sentinels → FaZe Clan
  • Frosty Sentinels → FaZe Clan
  • Snakebite Sentinels → FaZe Clan

January 12

  • MentaL F/A → Shopify Rebellion
  • Rayne F/A → Shopify Rebellion
  • RyaNoob F/A → Shopify Rebellion
  • Karmea F/A → Shopify Rebellion

December 22

  • Common Oxygen Esports → F/A
  • TritoN Oxygen Esports → F/A
  • Boamx Oxygen Esports → F/A
  • Nemassist Oxygen Esports → F/A
  • Trey Oxygen Esports → F/A

December 18

  • Rammyyy Team WaR → F/A

December 12

  • Gilkey G2 Esports → F/A
  • Sabinater G2 Esports → F/A
  • Str8 SicK G2 Esports → F/A
  • Barcode G2 Esports → F/A
  • Callous G2 Esports → F/A

December 10

  • Envore Team WaR → F/A
  • tonisun Team WaR → F/A

December 6

  • Phlux JLINGZ Esports → F/A

December 5

  • Squalleye: → Gamers First → F/A
  • Swish: Gamers First → F/A

November 28

  • Bound: F/A → Spacestation Gaming
  • Eco: F/A → Spacestation Gaming
  • Penguin: F/A → Spacestation Gaming
  • StelluR: F/A → Spacestation Gaming

November 27

  • Bound: Cloud9 → F/A
  • Eco: Cloud9 → F/A
  • Penguin: Cloud9 → F/A
  • StelluR: Cloud9 → F/A

November 11

  • Sceptify: Fnatic → F/A
  • Artic: Fnatic → F/A
  • Juziro: Fnatic → F/A
  • Suppressed: Fnatic → F/A
  • Drift: Spacestation Gaming → F/A
  • Pelu: Spacestation Gaming → F/A
  • Tapping Buttons: Spacestation Gaming → F/A
  • Atzo: Spacestation Gaming → F/A
  • Rayne: eUnited → F/A
  • RyaNoob: eUnited → F/A
  • Suspector: eUnited → F/A

October 26

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