LIVE: CDL 2023 Rostermania hub after Major 1

CDL rostermania with Cammy, Dashy, HyDra and ScrappyCall of Duty League

The 2023 CDL season is underway, with new rosters taking to battle on Modern Warfare 2. Following Major 1, there were some big roster rumors involving the likes of OpTic Texas, LA Guerrillas, and Seattle Surge. Here’s where things stand currently.

Culminating a wild CDL season, the LA Thieves won CDL Champs 2022. In the aftermath, teams officially shifted gears towards Modern Warfare 2.

Teams were required to exercise player extension options by August 14, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Any player that did not have their option extended immediately became a free agent. Players can officially sign new contracts.

Here’s a complete overview of the latest rostermania news after Major 1 as teams finalize their roster decisions.

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Current CDL 2023 rosters

Below is a look at every current CDL lineup as it stands after the 2022-2023 offseason. It’s worth noting, however, that following Major 1, some teams made changes or have moves in the works.

Team Starters Substitutes Coaches
OpTic Texas Huke Shotzzy iLLeY Dashy
Atlanta FaZe Simp aBeZy Cellium SlasheR Classic Crowder, RJ, Easy Mac, x2Pac ThuGLorD
Boston Breach Methodz Nero Vivid Owakening Beans Zed
Florida Mutineers Davpadie MajorManiak Havok Vikul Brack Willett
New York Subliners HyDra Kismet


Skyz Wardy Dreal, Sender
London Royal Ravens Skrapz Asim Nastie PaulEhx Zer0 Dominate
Toronto Ultra Insight Standy CleanX Scrappy Hicksy Flux, Joee
Minnesota RØKKR Attach Afro Cammy Bance  Fame Saintt, Loony
Los Angeles Thieves Drazah Kenny Octane Envoy JKap, ShAnE
Las Vegas Legion Temp TJHaly Prolute Clayster Theory
Seattle Surge Accuracy Mack Sib Pred Fenix, Equuip
Los Angeles Guerrillas


Assault Exceed JoeDeceives Spart, Neptune MarkyB, Mayhem

CDL 2023 mid-season roster rumors

At the time of writing, there have been a number of roster rumors following the culmination of Major 1, and it looks as though the rostermania period is officially done

One report Dexerto managed to confirm ahead of its announcement is that of Skrapz’ promotion to the main roster for London Royal Ravens.

As for more official news, there were two big moves following Major 1. Firstly, LA Guerrillas announced a huge swap between their Challengers and starting CDL rosters, bringing three amateurs into the team.

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Not only that, but after lengthy negotiations and some failed deals, OpTic Texas signed Huke to replace Dashy. This was instead of Pred, who they had been trying to attain from Seattle Surge for some time before this.

CDL 2023 mid-season Rostermania updates

January 27

  • Rambo: OpTic Texas (Coach) → F/A

January 24

  • Davpadie: Florida Mutineers (Bench) → Florida Mutineers
  • Brack: Florida Mutineers → Florida Mutineers (Bench)

January 17

  • Scump: OpTic Texas → Retired
  • PaulEhx: London Royal Ravens (Bench) → London Royal Ravens
  • Zer0: London Royal Ravens → London Royal Ravens (Bench)

January 11

  • Skrapz: London Royal Ravens (Bench) → London Royal Ravens
  • PaulEhx: London Royal Ravens → London Royal Ravens (Bench)

January 9

  • Huke: F/A → OpTic Texas
  • Dashy: OpTic Texas → OpTic Texas (bench)

January 3

  • Exceed: LAG Academy → LA Guerrillas
  • JoeDeceives: LAG Academy → LA Guerrillas
  • Assault: LAG Academy → LA Guerrillas
  • Spart: LA Guerrillas → LAG Academy
  • Neptune: LA Guerrillas → LAG Academy
  • Huke: LA Guerrillas → F/A

October 7

  • TJHaly: F/A→ Las Vegas Legion
  • Clayster: F/A→ Las Vegas Legion
  • Prolute: F/A→ Las Vegas Legion
  • Wardy: F/A → New York Subliners

October 6

  • Priestah: F/A → New York Subliners
  • Sender: F/A → New York Subliners

October 5

  • Skyz: F/A→ New York Subliners

October 4

  • Kismet: F/A → New York Subliners

October 3

  • HyDra: F/A → New York Subliners

September 20

  • Owakening: F/A → Boston Breach

September 19

  • Brack: F/A → Florida Mutineers
  • MajorManiak: F/A → Florida Mutineers
  • Havok: F/A → Florida Mutineers
  • Vikul: F/A → Florida Mutineers

September 15

  • Asim: LA Guerrillas → F/A

August 26

  • SlasheR: F/A → Atlanta FaZe

August 25

  • Attach: F/A → Minnesota RØKKR
  • Afro: F/A → Minnesota RØKKR
  • Cammy: F/A → Minnesota RØKKR
  • Bance: F/A → Minnesota RØKKR
  • Prestinni: Atlanta FaZe → F/A

August 24

  • Arcitys: F/A → LA Guerrillas
  • Sender: OpTic Texas → F/A
  • Afro: London Royal Ravens → F/A

August 18

  • Arcitys: Atlanta FaZe → F/A
  • Dashy: F/A → OpTic Texas
  • iLLeY: F/A → OpTic Texas

August 17

  • Dashy: OpTic Texas → F/A
  • iLLeY: OpTic Texas → F/A

August 15

  • Ricky (Coach): LA Guerrillas → Team Manager
  • Classic: Seattle Surge → F/A
  • Clayster: New York Subliners → F/A
  • HyDra: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Jimbo: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Revan (Coach): New York Subliners → F/A
  • Cammy: Toronto Ultra → F/A
  • Yeez: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • Skyz: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • Owakening: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • 2ReaL: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • MajorManiak: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • John: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Gunless: LA Guerrillas → F/A
  • JPKrez (Coach): New York Subliners → F/A

August 14

  • Prolute: OpTic Texas → F/A
  • General: OpTic Texas → F/A
  • Crimsix: New York Subliners → F/A
  • PaulEhx: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Pentagrxm: LA Thieves → F/A
  • GRVTY: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Attach: Minnesota RØKKR → F/A
  • Standy: Minnesota RØKKR → F/A
  • Havok: Minnesota RØKKR → F/A
  • Priestahh: Minnesota RØKKR → F/A
  • Bance: Toronto Ultra → F/A
  • Capsidal: Boston Breach → F/A

August 12

  • TJHaLy: Boston Breach → F/A

August 9 (Start of CDL 2023 rostermania)

  • Bevils (Coach): Los Angeles Guerillas → F/A

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